[Autopano Video 1.1] Video tutorial: Advanced 360 degree video processing

Tuesday 14 January 2014

This tutorial will show you how to produce an amazing, perfectly stitched and stabilized 360 video. This advanced tutorial presents the 3 steps required to get such a result :

  • First, create two perfect panoramas as reference: one for the background (mountains) and another for close subjects (helmet & wingsuit)
  • Then, merge these two panoramas into Adobe After Effects to get a result without parallax errors
  • Finally, stabilize your 360 degree video using Blender and its “Panorama-Tracker addon” (avaible on GitHub) to clean all annoying movements and distortions of the horizon due to the rotation of the 360 camera
  • You can enjoy the final result. Your 360 video is perfectly stitched thanks to Autopano Video

This will lead you into the category of high level 360 video producer!

Image courtesy of Matthias Taugwalder
Production: TPC AG / 360CONCEPT

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