Discover the first public virtual tour made with Panotour Pro 2 integrating LivePano

Wednesday 26 June 2013

Virtual tour integrating LivePano addon for Panotour Pro 2

Kolor is glad to show you another great example of virtual tour made with Panotour Pro version 2. This time the tour integrates LivePano, an addon for Panotour 2! Let’s have a look to the cha dian, tea store:

Discover Cha Dian - Tea house

What is LivePano?

Livepano is a tool extending Panotour Pro 2, providing user an easy way to merge video content into a virtual tour. Livepano allows you to have a smooth transition between dynamic content (coming from video) and still content (coming from panorama), including a tool to set a blending mask & color correction. The result ? The video is perfectly integrated to the tour.

LivePano includes a blending mask & color correction

Must watch:

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5 Responses to “Discover the first public virtual tour made with Panotour Pro 2 integrating LivePano”

  1. Kahlil Says:

    Well done! Well done! well done!!!!!!! Opening up huuuuuge doors! Thanks to the developers seeing the future of interactivity!

  2. Arne Says:

    Sehr gut. Noch den schwarzen Rahmen wegmachen und es ist perfekt. Damit wir man eine sehr lebendige Tour erstellen können.

  3. ATXcloud Says:

    Innovative! I can’t wait until this awesome technology is available! Keep up the good work!

  4. Mariush Says:


  5. Loic Says:

    Ah ca promet ! Vivement que ca sorte !

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