Paris 26 Gigapixels is now online!

Thursday 11 March 2010

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6 Responses to “Paris 26 Gigapixels is now online!”

  1. marcin b Says:

    Incredible quality.

  2. Kamil K. Says:


    That is an awesome panorama. When I launched it I thought it would be impossible to have that much detail with 26M pixels, and I was right. That is 26G pixels!!! How many photos were taken to create it?

    I had a good look around as I missed a lot of things when I was on that tower last year. Truly amazing panorama.

    Many thanks

  3. Harry Rackers Says:

    really great quality this Paris photograph. I have been looking through Paris for over an hour, only thing was the music, I turned it of since it was constantly the same small bit of some french tune.

  4. Jommy Says:

    P.S.: I omitted one thing to mention to make the “pixel surfing” more comfortable:
    below the photo frame (e.g. in the ads frame) is room enough to show an overview. That’ll great enhance the joy to zoom into Paris. I’ve had a paper map next to me instead. Your “Harlem project” got a kind of…
    Suggestion: Bird’s view to control the sector angle plus micro front view sliding bar ;-)

    P.P.S.: please read “disastrous movement control”

  5. Jommy Says:

    …there it comes back: The feeling of a hot summer day in a hot city!
    But relaxed at home, with chilling drink beside screen and lovely music! Wow!
    It takes some time to find out what it is:
    From the soundtrack of “Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain” (2001) [English: "The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain" aka "Amelie of/from Montmartre"; German: "Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie"]
    Yann Tiersen – 03) La valse d’Amélie
    You should note it somewhere…!
    Only one drawback pours water in the wine: The disasterious movement control of the mouse – it’s a catastrophe! If you want to see something more to the RIGHT in the picture frame – you’ll intuitively [e.g. see "Google maps"] move a photo more to the LEFT – here you have to move to the right, too!
    Same with UP and DOWN! Boring!
    Though you wouldn’t correct that, but where is a switch to change that behaviour to normal?


  6. Thomas Kane Says:

    May I suggest that you get a more legitimate looking address than that from which you sent your latest news letter (This is the 9th newsletter of Autopano, your image stitching software. You are receiving it because you own a license of Autopano.)

    It looks like spam and I only opened it after I went to your website and saw a similar topic.

    Love the software


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