Autopano Giga preview, featuring Autopano Tour

Wednesday 17 December 2008

This article was written on December 2008 and contains obsolete information. In particular, Autopano Tour does not exist anymore and is no more included in Autopano Giga. It has been replaced by Panotour, which is more complete and sold separately.

Here is a first preview of Autopano Giga, including Autopano Tour, the virtual tour creation tool of Autopano Giga. You can also have a look at the resulting Flash virtual tour created during this demo.

A new Alpha version will be available in a few days for Windows, and a few days later for Mac and Linux. The final release of Autopano Giga is planned for the beginning of March.

Visit the tour generated in the video above

(Flash 10 plugin required)


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8 Responses to “Autopano Giga preview, featuring Autopano Tour”

  1. Ahmet Says:

    Yes Autopano Tour now avaible. If you just download Autopano Giga 2 , you will have Autopano Tour after setup. Because 2 in 1 setup.

  2. niels Says:

    Is autopano Tour already available? How can i get it?

  3. Graydon Says:

    The workflow in creating the tour looks great… as does everything else that you have coming up.

  4. Rudolph Says:

    Great job you guys… absolutely fantastic tool… Keep up the good work…. !

  5. Paul Says:

    Yes !

    This seems to be a very nice and virtual reality software, as I did years ago with QuickTime VR Authoring Studio. At that time, it was exhausting to do it… I just hope that a Mac version will exist at the same time that the Windows version, and that the price would be quite reasonable – let us say under 50 dollars or euros ?

    Let us wait and hope !

  6. Brian Richards Says:


  7. BrianLR Says:

    Fantastic. The new tour software looks like it delivers what was promised and then some. As I had said in a previous post on the Forum

    “I have been checking out the current state of Tour software and and there is a lot of legacy stuff out there. Even products like ‘Live Stage Pro’ seems to be three years old and there are a lot of broken links on their website, so who knows what’s going on there. Autodesk have taken over Realviz and it looks like they have dropped their tour product, and many of the other progs out there are old and don’t work on the lastest OSs, viewers or plugins. Even Zoomify has MAC issues now. So here’s looking forward to APG and hoping it will give us flexibilty, access to use PS and Lightroom in the workflow and to output to a variety of formats and viewers. That will truely be a gift.”

  8. Filipe Freitas Says:

    That’s so awesome!!

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