Kolor experiments video stitching

Wednesday 10 September 2008

3 camcordersFor the first time, Kolor stitched videos together, using Autopano Server. As for static image stitching, the technologies available in Autopano were applied to video stitching. This creates a color-corrected final video with invisible seems between source videos.

The whole process is automatic; the only manual step is the video synchronization at the beginning of the stitching.

The projection mode is determined once for the whole sequence whereas the color correction adapts in real time.

For this experiment, 3 different SD camcorders were placed on a same rod and auto-stabilization was disabled. To minimize parallax errors, the subject should not be too close to the camcorders.

Smartblend ghost-remover can be improved, using temporal information.

The result obtained with this simple hardware enables to imagine very good results if using professional sequences (greater video resolution, accurate synchronization, global stabilization…).

The 3 individual video sources and the final assembled video:


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10 Responses to “Kolor experiments video stitching”

  1. Martin Says:

    I am currently developing a bracket to hold 6 go pro hero cameras and need to find a solution for the stitching of the 6 video files.
    can you tell me if this is going to be in any of your updates.

  2. Karol Says:

    Kolor! Please keep me informed about software for video stitching.

  3. ChinaPano Says:

    OWESOME ! IN 2008.

    Hope u can do it as a software .

  4. Thomas Leong Says:

    I use AvStumpfl’s Wings Platinum 3 Multidisplay software to display panoramics (Dataton’s Watchout is a similar product). We use a single high res source which is split by the Wings software and re-distributed to Slave PCs controlled by a Master to achieve what you have here. To get live video, we need a capture card installed in all the PCs (Master and Slaves), and final display alignment (of the projectors) is critical.

    The amazing thing with Autopano Server is that the 3 cameras are not even aligned!!
    When will Autopano Server come to market? I can see a huge potential for your product in the presentations/entertainment market.

    Carry on the good work!!

    Thomas Leong

  5. charles Says:

    can i do this with autopano pro ?

  6. Payam Rahmani Says:

    WoW, it’s great.

  7. Tived Says:

    Mindblowing….just amazing!

    Keep up the great work!

    A Dane Down Under

  8. critical11 Says:

    Amazing… loads of ideas spring to mind. More info please :)

  9. foundation Says:

    So awesome!!! I’ve wanted to do something like that for a while. How do you synchronize the time codes between the camcorders?

  10. Etienne Says:

    Amazing! You are really good at kolor :)
    Is this an overview of your future appllications ?

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