Contribute to the panorama photo book of the year!

Wednesday 16 January 2008

We are all excited and impatient about the new big project of Kolor: we propose all Autopano Pro users to contribute to a book entirely dedicated to them!

150 to 200 pages of outstanding panoramic photos, superb printing quality, English and French commentaries, annual release… we will do everything to make this great contributive project the reference book in panoramic photography!

We invite all of you, amateur or professional photographers, to take part in this unique adventure!!! We will publish at least one of each user’s photos.

This is your book and we will be fully receptive to your potential suggestions.

This book is to be published in November 2008; you will be able to begin sending your images very shortly, via a dedicated webpage.

Get to your cameras!

The whole Kolor team

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11 Responses to “Contribute to the panorama photo book of the year!”

  1. Con Hionis Says:

    All the high resolution panos on my web site were created with Autopano Pro and I wouldn’t use any other. I have tried them all. I would love to contribute to the panorama photo book of the year. Please let me know when I can submit.

  2. George Turner Says:

    Please let me know how I may submit autopano photocompositions for consideration for publication in the panorama photobook. This is magnificent software that has given me very satisfying results. Thank you!

  3. Guillermo Puig Says:

    Nice idea!

    AutoPano Pro is a very great software saving lot of process time and work.
    My last panos are done with AutoPano Pro:


  4. Rami Says:

    Hi everyone,

    You will be able to send us your photos via a dedicated webpage which will be online by the end of June.
    Regards, Rami (Kolor team)

  5. raimondo Says:

    it’s a good idea ! C’era proprio un besogno !
    un saluto to all my friends 1

  6. Jeremy Says:

    I am wondering how to submit my photos. Thank you, it is a great idea!

  7. Serge Golikov Says:

    What a great initiative! I am a dedicated promoter of AutoPano Pro on my Photo Forum, it’s an incredible piece of software which I use professionaly.

  8. Laurinz Babuin Says:

    This is my gallery of Autopano!

  9. Prashant Khapane Says:

    How to post photos for this project?
    Here are some of my images made with app.


  10. Filipe Freitas Says:

    That’s so interesting! I’ll go browse through my panoramas right now!

  11. Laurence Matson Says:
    Most of the newer ones were assembled with Autopano Pro.

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