Autopano Video Features

Autopano Video Main window

World class stitching quality

Drag ‘n’ drop your videos into Autopano Video, and synchronise them using motion or audio.
Using the different timelines, edit different sequences of your videos for different settings in the horizon, color correction or masks with transitions in between.
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D.WARP technology offers a new way to compensate for parallax and dramatically reduces the need for post-processing. It works for both static and moving shots, and is compatible with GoPro Omni and rigs of 3 cameras and more.
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Without D.WARP

Easily edit the horizon and correct colors

Straighten the horizon easily by using the integrated editor.
Using Autopano Giga’s color correction engine, you can optimize the color and exposure over the duration of your video.

Advanced editing of the control points and seams

AV + APG ONLY Difficult scene to stitch? Need more precise control over the seams to keep an actor in view?
Edit your project in Autopano Giga to fine tune the stitching of your videos.
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GoPro Omni Importer

With GoPro Omni, everything is easy!

With the GoPro Omni Importer, all you need to do is direct the importer to your SD cards and the importer handles the rest: it will find, organize and sort your different scenes and give you an initial raw stitch before even importing anything on your computer!
From there, you can render the video directly, or move on to Autopano Video and Autopano Giga with the click of a button to fine-tune your videos.
GPU Acceleration
For preview and rendering, if you are running under Windows with a recent NVidia GPU and up-to-date drivers you can enjoy a 3x gain in terms of performance for the previewing and the rendering. We recommend using at least a GTX 760.
Timecode support
Allows videos from any genlocked rig to be directly imported in Autopano Video without the need to synchronize the videos again, and you can also choose your start time in the render box or pass-through the source timecode.
Nuke / AV Workflow
When you import an Autopano Video project into Nuke, the project nodes will be created automatically, providing a seamless workflow they can immediately apply to Cara VR.

Stereoscopic stitching

Handle stereoscopic videos in a very friendly way

Autopano Video can handle stereoscopic videos thanks to a dedicated interface. Assign each video source to an output eye and render your 360 3D videos directly to anaglyph, side by side or over/under.
Autopano Video with GoPro VR Player

GoPro VR Live Preview

Preview the 360 video you are working on directly in GoPro VR player, our free MacOS / Windows VR player and check your footage in a VR headset without exporting your video or leaving Autopano Video!
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Advanced Batch Renderer

Prepare your projects ahead of time and just drag and drop the project files into the batch renderer and change the settings of a project directly in the batch render list without opening it.
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Complete List of Features


Logo Autopano VideoAutopano Video
unique feature GoPro Omni Importer Importing video streams has never been so easy: Automatically import and sort the scenes shot with your Omni, render directly or import the videos to Autopano Video to fine-tune the stitching.
unique feature GoPro Footage Importer Tool This simple GoPro importer detects and imports the right video files from your SD cards and organizes them on your computer.
Supported input video filesAutopano Video supports stitching various input formats: H264, CineForm, ProRes
unique feature MP4 MergerA wizard that merges long duration GoPro shots together automatically (GoPro cameras divide long shots into several MP4 files)


Logo Autopano Video
Autopano Video
unique feature Automatic motion-based synchronization of the video frames
Autopano Video analyzes the individual movement of each camera to define the best possible synchronization. Useful for windy scenes or scenes where sound can’t be used for synchronization. View technical demo on YouTube.
Automatic sound-based synchronization of the video frames
If all video streams have sound, Autopano Video can sync them automatically. No need of external synchronization software.
Manual synchronization of the video frames
You can manually adjust each stream if neither synchronization works.
newTimecode support
Import from any genlocked rig without the need to synchronize the videos again. Inject metadata or burn the timecode onto your renders.


Logo Autopano Video
Autopano Video
new & unique feature D.WARP for rigs of 3 cameras and more, including GoPro Omni
A new way to stitch your footage and dramatically reduces the need for post-processing.
unique feature Automatic stitching based on Autopano’s state-of-the-art technology
SIFT algorithm included in Autopano has been mathematically proven as the best in the world for recognizing control points between images.
unique feature Range stitching on a selection
The stitching on a selection allows to stitch on a sequence of the video, using the best instants for each video pair automatically. This function gives very good results for videos with not enough details.
unique feature Stereoscopic stitching
Autopano Video is now able to handle stereoscopic videos thanks to a new interface. Assign each video source to an output eye. Render without the need of creating manual masks.
Fine tune the stitching of tricky cases
Edit the links and control points between your cameras for tricky or imprecise stitching cases or take control of the seams between your cameras with the Mask tool in Autopano Giga.

with Autopano Giga

unique feature RMS curve
See in real time the RMS at each frame of the video. Useful to see where in the video the stitching could be problematic.
Template-based stitching
If you use a strongly-constructed rig, you can use stitching templates instead of launching a detection for each new project. This mode works only if the content is always at the same distance of the camera. With moving content or moving cameras, automatic detection (see above) is preferred over the template-based stitching. Once you have created your template(s), Autopano Video becomes autonomous: you don’t need to open Autopano Pro/Giga anymore.


Logo Autopano Video
Autopano Video
unique feature Director’s cut mode
The director’s cut is the tool that allows you to create a standard video from a 360-degrees video. Over time, modify and add smooth transitions to projections, crop zones, orientation, views, etc.
unique feature Timelines
Horizon, Stitching, Colors and Mask timelines to edit these different features of your video over time and different sequences.

with Autopano Giga

Color Correction Editor
An integrated editor to optimize the color and and compensate exposure over the duration of your video.
unique feature Horizon editor
An integrated editor for the most time consuming parts: horizon and projection adjustments.
unique feature Motion stabilization of the rig
Stabilize the 360 video’s horizon
unique feature Rolling shutter correction (Omni only)
Autopano Video detects shots captured by GoPro Omni rigs and applies corrections for rolling shutter to reduce the related artefacts.
Quick preview
When seeking in the video, a quick preview helps you see what will be generated over the full video.
improved GPU processing for quicker preview
The power of the graphics card is used to provide a faster preview. Previewing is now up to 5x faster on computers equipped with NVIDIA GPUs thanks to CUDA implementation.
new GoPro VR Player live preview
GoPro VR Player (free for Windows and MacOS) is compatible with the Oculus and HTC Vive and will allow you to preview your footage in a VR headset without exporting your video or leaving Autopano Video.
History Window
History window that allows you to rollback several operations.


Logo Autopano Video
Autopano Video
Rendering Formats
A variety of formats are available to render to, whether it’s the finished video or to move on to post-processing: H264 MP4, CineForm MOV, ProRes MOV, uncompressed AVI, frames
Unlimited output size
Render your content at the maximum size with CineForm, ProRes or frames sequence output.
Sound output
Choose the audio source from one of your cameras. Autopano Video doesn’t handle 3D sound yet, but this might be included in future versions.
improved GPU processing for faster rendering times
Constrained timing? Use GPU rendering. Compatible with all graphics cards. On average 10x faster than CPU rendering, depending on your configuration. Rendering a video is now even faster (up to 3x) on computers equipped with NVIDIA GPUs thanks to CUDA implementation.
Blending presets
Choose between smooth or sharp masking.
improved Batch Rendering
Re-organize your batches, drag’n’drop your project .kava files that are ready to render directly in the batch render window to add batches.
Video encoding
Video encoding is based on the industry leader, MainConcept, the largest provider of professional codecs. This is the same engine as Adobe Lightroom.
Command Line Rendering
You can add jobs to the batch rendering queue through command lines, without opening the software. It will render that job and quit the software when finished.


Logo Autopano Video
Autopano Video
Alpha Channel Support
This allows you to export each camera individually as CineForm and ProRes with color correction for post production.
new Frictionless Nuke / Autopano Video workflow
Whenever a user imports an Autopano Video project into Nuke, their nodes will be created automatically, providing a seamless workflow they can immediately apply to Cara VR.


Logo Autopano Video
Autopano Video
Available in 7 languages
English, Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese
Compatible with Windows and Mac
Learn more on specifications page
unique feature Compatible with all graphics cards
Nvidia, ATI. For Autopano Video: OpenGL 2.0 and GLSL 1.2 as minimal configuration.