Stitch and create 360° videos automatically
Autopano Video is a video-stitching software that lets you assemble multiple videos into a single one that covers up to 360×180°.
Step 1 Shoot
1. Record
The easiest way to record 360° videos is to use a manufactured 360° mount (or rig) on which you can install several GoPro cameras.
Step 2 Stitch
2. Stitch
Kolor Autopano Video lets you assemble several videos into a single one covering up to 360 x 180 degrees.
3. Publish
Publish on the web and share! Kolor Eyes Player (Desktop/mobiles/hosting) makes your video come to life: Turn at 360 degrees, zoom in and out, look at what is taking place in the whole 360 scene.
Easily create immersive 360° video experiences
Publish and share on the web with Kolor Eyes free player
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