Option 1

Learn panoramic imagery with a certified Kolor trainer

Learn the basics of panoramic imagery

Our certified trainers will teach you the basics of a subject of choice, between panorama stitching, virtual tour creation and 360-degree video editing.

Certification means quality

All Kolor certified trainers have followed a comprehensive training from the Kolor Team and have succeeded in our tests. You can trust them to give you quality training.

Acquire the right knowledge from the right experts

Your Kolor certified trainer will teach you all the essential notions you need to get started creating panoramic images, virtual tours and 360-degree videos.

Get in touch with a certified Kolor trainer
Fill in this form to let us know what you would like to learn and where you live, so we can redirect you to the closest and most adapted Kolor Certified Trainer.

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Become a certified Kolor trainer
Would you like to become a Kolor certified trainer? Apply by filling the form below and we will send you all necessary details. Please be aware that becoming a certified trainer implies that you follow a paid training session in the offices of Kolor and that you remain up-to-date regarding Kolor software and solutions.

Become a Kolor Certified Trainer



Option 2

Learn advanced notions with a one-on-one training by Kolor

Take your knowledge to the next level

The Kolor Team will give you the latest and most advanced knowledge for stitching images together, creating complex virtual tours, or stitching video streams together.

Training by the world's experts of image stitching

Kolor team members are among the world’s most skilled people in image-stitching techniques. Your training will be undertaken by one of of experts depending on the subject you would like to learn.

Training adapted to your very own subject

At Kolor we know that each project is different and can require specific knowledge. Your training can be adapted to fit the questions that arise in your current projects.

Request an advanced training by Kolor
Fill in this form to request a one-on-one training session with a member of the Kolor Team.

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Kolor for education

Kolor is committed to promote the potential of panoramic photography to the most possible people. Kolor offers special prices for students, teachers and schools on Autopano Pro, Autopano Giga, Panotour, Panotour Pro, Autopano Video, Autopano Video Pro and XnView software.