360° videos on Oculus Rift: the total immersion

360° videos on Oculus Rift® and other VR headsets.

Live a unique experience with your VR headset!

Kolor Eyes player lets you play and interact with 360-degree videos and offers an Oculus VR® mode to give you the most amazing immersive experience ever!

The Oculus Rift mode is currently implemented in:

Kolor Eyes Desktop (Windows & Mac) — free! Kolor Eyes iOS — free!

Download sample 360-degree videos:

Download 360° videos in Full HD & 4K

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Watch 360-degree videos on Oculus Rift
with Kolor Eyes player (free)

Kolor Eyes for Windows and Mac and Kolor Eyes for iOS offer an Oculus VR® mode to let you watch incredible 360-degree videos for free.

Oculus mode in Kolor Eyes 360-degree video player