1. Record several video streams from a single point

Freedom 360 GoPro Rig


360° video rig

Mount several action cameras on a rig to record the whole 360-degree scene at a same time.
360° video rigs
RIG Freedom 360 Explorer


360° video rig

Use a waterproof rig like the Freedom360 Explorer+ to record in wet environments and rough conditions.
Explorer+ waterproof rig
RIG Abyss


360° video rig

Kolor Abyss can go up to 130 meters underwater. Its special lenses have been designed to compensate for the image deformation you get in the water.
Kolor Abyss submarine rig

2. Stitch the video streams together with Kolor Autopano Video software

available for Windows and Mac
Logo Autopano Video
Logo Autopano Video Pro

Autopano Video

Autopano Video software automatically synchronizes your video streams and stitches them together to get a final 360-degree video with uniformly calibrated color and exposure. Render in Full HD, 4K and more, or even export the individual frames.

Autopano Video Pro

Get faster rendering -up to 15x faster- with Autopano Video Pro. It uses your computer’s graphics card to render the final video.

3. Share your 360-degree videos

with Kolor Eyes player on all platforms
Logo Kolor Eyes
Kolor Eyes Hosting Screenshot

Kolor Eyes

Kolor Eyes is a 360-degree video player available for free on computers (Windows and Mac), iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android devices. It lets you play immersive videos and move your mouse or device to navigate in the video. Kolor Eyes is compatible with most VR headsets like the Oculus Rift.

Kolor Eyes Hosting

Upload your 360-degree videos to the Kolor Eyes Hosting service and get an embed code that allows you to share your video on any website. Kolor Eyes Hosting features the HTML5 version of the Kolor Eyes player.