1. Record in every direction using GoPro Omni

Mount 6 GoPros on GoPro’s synchronized rig to record the whole 360-degree scene.
Control every camera from one master camera, and be assured that you will be recording at the same time using the same settings for every camera.

2. Stitch the video streams together with Kolor Autopano Video software

available for Windows and Mac

GoPro Omni Importer


Autopano Video Pro and Autopano Giga

Autopano Video Pro software includes a specific importer for the GoPro Omni called GoPro Omni Importer, which will automatically sort through the content on your SD cards and stitches the different scenes together to get a 360-degree video that you can render directly from there with color correction, stabilization and different video qualities or move on to advanced editing of the stitching in Autopano Video Pro and Autopano Giga.
Autopano Video software synchronizes your video streams and stitches them together to get a final 360-degree video with uniformly calibrated color and exposure. Render in Full HD, 4K and more, or even export the individual frames or in CineForm or ProRes for post-production.
If coming from the Omni Importer your videos are already synchronised and stitched, all you have left to do is edit your different timelines over time, to fine-tune the stitching, horizon, colors and masks in Autopano Giga.

3. Share your 360-degree videos

with GoPro VR on all platforms
GoPro VR App

GoPro VR App

Share your 360-videos with the world. People can access your videos through the web, smartphones or on their mobile VR headset.
Compatible devices with GoPro VR

GoPro VR Web

Upload your 360-degree videos to the GoPro VR service and get an embed code that allows you to share your video on any website.
and also on Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion..