Kolor Eyes 360° video player

The multi-platform 360° video player by Kolor

Jump into a new video experience!

Kolor Eyes is a new multi-platform video player for immersive 360° videos. Become the director of your own video experience: turn at 360 degrees, zoom in and out, look at what is taking place in the whole 360 scene.

Kolor Eyes is available on:

Kolor Eyes Android

Kolor Eyes iOS

Kolor Eyes Oculus - 360 videos

Kolor Eyes desktop

Kolor Eyes hosting


iPhone / iPad

Oculus Rift
& VR headsets



Play 360-degree videos on your Android device: watch wherever you want in the 360-degree scene and get an immersive experience. Enjoy 360-degree videos on your iPhone or iPad: use the gyroscope to navigate in the video or plug your VR headset for the most immersive experience. Looking for really immersive experiences? Wear a VR headset like the Oculus Rift and turn your head at 360 degrees to watch the scene as if you were there! The desktop application of Kolor Eyes lets you play 360-degree videos on your Mac or PC. Watch videos up to 8K and enjoy the finest resolution at 360 degrees. Kolor Eyes Hosting is a service composed of the web version of Kolor Eyes player (HTML5 + WebGL) and a hosting service. Upload your videos and get an embed code to share them on your website.



SDK available