The world's first 360-degree video from a Hawker Hunter fighter aircraft

Here's a new great example of what you can do with Kolor 360-degree Video Solutions! Our team had the chance to visit the Military Aviation Museum of Payerne, Switzerland. We equipped a Hawker Hunter Trainer J-4203 fighter aircraft with a 360-degree video rig to create this amazing video from within the cockpit.

This plane flew in the Swiss Air Force from 1968 to 1994. Today, the Military Aviation Museum of Payerne, Switzerland, operates it and offers flight sessions for the amateurs of the aeronotic patrimony.

Many thanks to Sébastien Micheloud from Cortex, as well as the museum and its pilots for helping us make this project happen!

We recorded the video streams using a Freedom360 rig, stitched the videos together with Kolor Autopano Video Pro software and published the final 360-degree video with Kolor Eyes Hosting.

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Clin d'Ailes

360Live an immersive experience: launch the video, hold the left click of the mouse and navigate at 360 degrees.

360 video: Hawker Hunter Trainer J-4203 fighter aircraft above the Alps

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