Kolor Autopano Video: stitch and create 360° videos automatically

Kolor Autopano Video

The easiest way to stitch and create 360-degree immersive videos

Offer an incredible new experience to your clients or friends. Autopano Video is the new video-stitching software application developed by Kolor. It lets you assemble several videos into a single one covering up to 360 x 180 degrees.


  • Intelligent GoPro Importer
  • Automatic detection
  • Motion-based synchronization

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iAutopano Pro or Autopano Giga are required to use Autopano Video properly.

Autopano Video at a glance

Kolor Autopano Video has been designed following these 3 main concepts:

Quality first

The world's best image-stitching technology is behind Autopano Video. Quality workflow, quality results.

Goodbye, limitations

Cross-platform, cross-hardware. Unlimited number of video stream sources. Unlimited output size.

Affordable, accessible

Both in terms of usage and price, Autopano Video gives nearly everyone the chance to create amazing 360° videos.

Discover all features of Autopano Video

The result, published with Kolor Eyes HTML5 360° video player

360Live an immersive experience: launch the video, hold the left click of the mouse and navigate at 360 degrees.

Watch more 360° videos Free: use Kolor Eyes app for iPad to showcase your 360° videos

The features in detail

Autopano Video Autopano Video Pro


UNIQUE FEATURE Intelligent GoPro Importer
Importing video streams has never been so easy: the GoPro importer detects and imports the right video files from your SD cards.

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UNIQUE FEATURE Automatic detection
Autopano Video automatically detects the video streams that belong together, before stitching them. No need of an extra application for this.

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UNIQUE FEATURE Automatic motion-based synchronization of the video frames
Autopano Video analyzes the individual movement of each camera to define the best possible synchronization. View technical demo on YouTube.

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Automatic sound-based synchronization of the video frames
If all video streams have sound, Autopano Video can sync them automatically. No need of external synchronization software.

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Manual synchronization of the video frames
You can manually adjust each stream if no sound is available.

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UNIQUE FEATURE Automatic stitching based on Autopano's state-of-the-art technology
SIFT algorithm included in Autopano has been mathematically proven as the best in the world for recognizing control points between images.

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Template-based stitching
If you use a strongly-constructed rig, you can use stitching templates instead of launching a detection for each new project. This mode works only if the content is always at the same distance of the camera. With moving content or moving cameras, the automatic detection (see above) is to prefer over the template-based stitching. Once you have created your template(s), Autopano Video becomes autonomous: you don't need to open Autopano Pro/Giga anymore.

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User interface

The new timeline of Autopano Video lets you split your 360° video, apply different settings on each part of the video and add transition effects.


UNIQUE FEATURE Deeply integrated with Autopano Pro/Giga
Save the project file in Autopano Pro/Giga and the preview is automatically refreshed in Autopano Video.

with Autopano Pro or Giga
with Autopano Giga

UNIQUE FEATURE All editing options of Autopano Pro/Giga taken into account, including 9 projections, color correction, horizon correction
No limitation: if you achieved a still panorama within Autopano Pro/Giga, you can get the same result on video with Autopano Video.

with Autopano Pro or Giga
with Autopano Giga

Real-time preview
A nearly real-time preview helps you see what will be generated over the full video.

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Batch processing
Prepare several 360° video projects and render them at a later time.

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Unlimited output size
Autopano Video does not have any size limitation. You have the content, we have the engine. The Kolor team is waiting for the first gigapixel video!

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Blending presets
Choose between smooth or sharp masking.

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Video encoding
Video encoding is based on the industry leader, MainConcept, the largest provider of professional codecs. This is the same engine as Adobe Lightroom.

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Sound output
Most cameras, including GoPro, record sound. Let's put this back in the output! Autopano Video doesn't handle 3D sound yet, but this might be included in future versions.

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GPU processing for faster rendering times
Constrained timing? Use GPU rendering. Compatible with all graphics cards. On average 10x faster than CPU rendering, depending on your configuration.

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Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
Windows: 8, 7.
Mac: MacOS 10.7 minimum.
Linux version coming soon.
32-bit Windows operating systems prevent you to stitch too many videos at the same time. Prefer 64-bit systems.

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UNIQUE FEATURE Compatible with all dedicated graphics cards
Nvidia or ATI.
For Autopano Video Pro: OpenGL 2.0 and GLSL 1.2 as minimal configuration.

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