Video-stitching software: Autopano Video 3.0 RC4

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The fourth release candidate version for Autopano Video 3.0 is now available! This release brings bug fixes related to D.WARP and CUDA accelerations as well as performance enhancements.
We’re getting closer to a final version please keep reporting any issue that you encounter with Autopano Video 3.0 on our forum.
Want to know more about Autopano Video 3.0 RC4? Check out the change log below for more info about the bugs we have fixed and the known issues that we are working on:
Change log for Autopano Video 3.0 RC4

Main changes

This is the fourth Release Candidate of Autopano Video 3.0. This new version solves some bugs related to CUDA and D.WARP. This new version also supports Linux versions with CUDA enabled but without any official support. Interested users are also able to test CUDA in trial mode. Hopefully, this version will most be the last one before the long awaited final release!

Check out the post blog on our website.

This release candidate version can only be registered with an Autopano Video 3.0 license key, to learn more on how to obtain such license key please read our FAQ. During the release candidate phase - before we publish the final AV 3.0 version - all licenses purchased on our store or from one of our resellers will grant access to both Autopano Video Pro 2.6 and Autopano Video 3.0.

If you've lost your license key, you can retrieve it at any time from your user account.


Autopano Video 3.0 requires at least Windows 7 or Mac OS X 10.10.

Fixes since 3.0.0 RC 3

- [ALPS-468] : [BUG] Crash in undo exposure scaler
- [ALPS-1310] : [BUG] Crash in D.Warp Topology
- [ALPS-1312] : [BUG] Crash in D.Warp Topology : vector Dtor
- [ALPS-1313] : [BUG] Crash in D.Warp : hasParallaxCompensation
- [ALPS-1496] : [BUG] Crash in RANSAC Fisheye : ippmLUDecomp_m_32f with recent intel card Intel Core i7 7800X @ 3.50GHz
- [ALPS-1680] : [BUG] Anaglyph render is broken
- [ALPS-1681] : [BUG] Preview in GoProVRPlayer : auto-start the player when clicking on the button
- [ALPS-1800] : [BUG] CUDA not compatible with watermarks
- [ALPS-2551] : [BUG] RGB / BGR bug with CUDA
- [ALPS-2647] : [BUG] Crash in PanoVideoDef::isParallaxCompensationSupported()
- [ALPS-2653] : [BUG] Crash caused by division by 0 in GPGPU multiband
- [ALPS-2655] : [BUG] crash on fisheye circle detection
- [ALPS-2682] : [BUG] Prores encododer broken in CUDA workflow
- [ALPS-2683] : [BUG] Frame output not working in CUDA workflow
- [ALPS-2691] : [BUG] OpenCL image creation crash on version prior to OpenCL1.2
- [ALPS-2696] : [BUG] Memory overflow causing crashes in CUDA video decoding
- [ALPS-2716] : [BUG] For D.WARP computation, less efficient GPU can sometimes be used over better GPUs
- [ALPS-1381] : Analytics refactoring
- [ALPS-2697] : Activate CUDA accelerations on Linux (no official support)

Known Issues

- [ALPS-1488] : [BUG] Cannot save project after calculating a long D.WARP (crash)
- [ALPS-1377] : [BUG] Crashes in rigs where there is a too much overlap (3D rigs)
- [ALPS-1363] : [BUG] Stereo mode not compatible with CUDA
- [ALPS-1362] : [BUG] Timecode burn-in not compatible with CUDA
- [ALPS-1360] : [BUG] CUDA not compatible with 4K UHD inputs
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