Interview with Giulio Zanni: How to turn your photographs into Fine Art Paintings

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Throughout the years we have been developing Autopano Giga and we have seen unbelievable photographs. However, as time goes by, we feel as if we have seen it all before and will not be amazed anymore. And yet, when we saw Giulio Zanni’s photographs, we discovered that we were wrong. We are thrilled to share with you his fascinating photographs that look unbelievably like watercolour paintings.

Giulio, you have phenomenal black and white panoramic images. What drew you to shoot panoramic images?

I use to shoot cityscape photography which requires me to explore a world beyond the usual design principles and concerns of composition. I mostly work in black and white rather than color because I think colour can be too bright, too bold and finally too distracting. Furthermore, I think a black and white photograph conveys so much more intensity and passion.

We personally see your photographs as paintings. Could you tell us a few words about your typical workflow to get this amazing result?

Well, I use to work on RAW files and import them into Lightroom to start editing. I try to find the right color balance, contrast, and saturation between frames before running Autopano Giga. Then, I use Photoshop to work with parts of an image in order to create lights, shadows and depth. Lastly, I may use split toning to make the panorama stands out. Autopano Giga just gets it right with very little intervention required and has all the power and flexibility to get the stitch perfect when adjustments are needed.

What have you learned from your extensive experience in photography that you could share with our readers?

Every photographer needs to find his/her personal style through emotions, activities, meetings of daily living. To my opinion, photography is the best art form as it is created in accordance with the vision of the artist and his/her personal interpretation of reality. For me, photography is an act of love toward subjects or scenes I photograph.
Autopano Giga has all the power and flexibility to get the stitch perfect when adjustments are needed.
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