360° video player: GoPro VR Player 3.0 RC1

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The first release candidate version for GoPro VR Player 3.0, the new version of our free 360 video player for Mac and Windows computer, is now available.
We’d like to thank all users who downloaded the beta version, this helped find a few bugs that are now fixed in this RC1 version.
Did you know?Autopano Video 3.0 allows you to preview the 360 video you’re editing in GoPro VR Player on the fly. You do not need to export your video and you can use all the GoPro VR Player features, including the support of HMD’s!
Want to learn more about the new features introduced with GoPro VR Player 3.0? Check out the blog post announcing the first beta version:
For more information please read the change log below:
Change log GoPro VR Player 3.0 RC1

Main changes

This is the first release candidate version for GoPro VR Player 3.0. This new version brings some nice improvements, see paragraphs below.

GoPro VR Player new features

We added some very cool new features on GoPro VR Player. Here's a detailed list of those new features:

  • OpenVR is now available on the new macOS 10.13
    OpenVR is an API and runtime that allows access to VR hardware from multiple vendors without requiring that applications have specific knowledge of the hardware they are targeting.
    Through GoPro VR Player, OpenVR is now supported on macOS 10.13.
    Some improvements have also been added for a better support of GoPro VR Player on macOS and on MacBook with Intel Iris graphics.
  • OpenVR SDK version 1.0.7 for Windows
    OpenVR is an API and runtime that allows access to VR hardware from multiple vendors without requiring that applications have specific knowledge of the hardware they are targeting.
  • Added a "Playback Speed" item into the menu
    Now the Playback menu and the settings add a Playback speed item to specify the speed of a video file. It can be normal speed (1.0x), half speed (0.5x) and double speed (2.0x).
  • Added an "Open recents" item into the menu
    By selecting "Open recents" into the File menu you can access the five latest media files played into GoPro VR Player.
  • You can now perform a benchmark on a video file
    A benchmark mode can be activated when running the GoPro VR Player application from the command line.
    Add the --benchmark X <video> argument where X is the number of iterations of the video file. More informations on the command lines here.
  • Playlist file can specify the projection for each media
    Simply add "projectionSource": "Standard", "projectionSource": "Equirectangular" or "projectionSource": "Cubemap" into the .kepl file to specify the desired projection of a source media. More informations on the playlist file here.
  • Added a disable option for HMD to avoid launching VR runtimes
    With this setting checked, the HMD detection is deactivated. It's useful when a HMD is installed and configured on a Desktop computer and you want use GoPro VR Player screen mode.
  • Update of the VLC library
    The libVLC can be embedded into an application to get multimedia capabilities. Windows version now uses the 2.2.6 version and the macOS version uses the version.
  • Leap Motion SDK version 2.3.1
    The Leap Motion SDK contains two basic libraries that define the API to the Leap Motion tracking data. The GoPro VR Player - Leap Motion documentation has also been updated.
  • Oculus SDK version 1.14
    The Oculus SDK enables you to build VR experiences for the Oculus Rift.
  • Beta channel notifications
    A new settings is available into the Preferences > Advanced > Update Channel to check for stable updates or also beta and RC versions of the software.

Features and fixes since 3.0.0 beta:

- ALPS-465 : Beta channel notifications and preserving some settings when updating the software
- ALPS-838 : Refactor of the software Update window
- ALPS-975 : Spinner is frost
- ALPS-1023 : Windows Media Foundation backend broken
- ALPS-1201 : Remove software decoder from VLC backend
- ALPS-1277 : No Cineform support on Windows since VLC 2.2.6 update
- ALPS-1373 : Some images don't work on macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
- ALPS-1383 : Ability to set source file projection into the playlist file (.kepl)
- ALPS-1392 : Add Left/Right or Top/Bottom information into the Debug informations panel when stereoscopy is activated
- ALPS-1397 : Change download key for better Software Downloader access
- ALPS-1452 : Print doesn't work after reset setting

Features and fixes since 2.3.1:

- ALPS-170 : Ability to change the playback rate
- ALPS-177 : GoPro VR Player should have "Open Recents" menu item
- ALPS-195 : Update Leap Motion SDK
- ALPS-770 : Add OpenGL 3.2 support for macOS version
- ALPS-883 : macOS optimizations
- ALPS-884 : Add benchmarks and tests for macOS
- ALPS-885 : OpenVR macOS beta version integration
- ALPS-981 : Crash on exit when a video is set as argument in command line
- ALPS-1026 : Leap Motion can crash during application startup
- ALPS-1055 : Add prefix for statistics events when in benchmark mode
- ALPS-1144 : Update VLC library
- ALPS-1151 : Add a disable option for HMD to avoid launching VR runtimes
- ALPS-1164 : Performance issue on MacBookPro with Intel Iris graphics
- ALPS-1165 : Update Oculus SDK
- ALPS-1167 : Update OpenVR SDK on Windows
- ALPS-1168 : Support of OpenVR SDK on the new macOS 10.13
- ALPS-1170 : Benchmark mode can be accessed from command line

Known issues of the 3.0.0 RC version

As the software decoder has been disabled into the VLC backend, some video media files can't be read anymore on low end computers. It's recommanded to own a high end GPU card with latest drivers and latest OS system.
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