An update about ForgeJS and Panotour

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It has been almost four months now since ForgeJS, our open-source framework for immersive storytelling was revealed to the world.
In that time, several updates with new features have been released, with the latest version being 0.9.3. Each update brings ForgeJS one small step closer to the level and virtual reality experiences we want you to be able to create.
But first, a little recap.
What is ForgeJS?
ForgeJS is an open source project by GoPro; a web-based framework for creating immersive virtual experiences, virtual tours or stories using the web standard technologies HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL.
ForgeJS is our answer to the future of immersive content, and it’s all open-source, so it’s free to use and contribute to!
What new features have been added since the first release?
Since version 0.9.0, ForgeJS has added support of:
    • Flat view for non spherical media
    • Hotspot states
    • Support of Gamepad controllers
    • Support of Gyroscope
    • And more! You can follow the ForgeJS news for the latest updates!
How to get started?
As a user, download the latest release from the ForgeJS website and give it a go. You can use the projects from our sample pages as inspiration or as a base for your own project.As a developer, the quick-start steps are described here and on GitHub.
Discover ForgeJS’s features and possibilities by having a look at the different tutorials & forum.
By the way! Kolor will be hosting a ForgeJS workshop at IVRPA in Vienna this week-end!
That’s too complicated for me, is there a GUI?
Not yet, but it is likely we will develop one, the same way Panotour 2 is a front-end Graphical User Interface (GUI) for KrPano. We want this technology to be available to everyone, not just the coders/developers.

But wait, what about Panotour?

It is true that our main focus has been on ForgeJS as of late, so the development of Panotour and its new features has been slowed. But don’t worry, Panotour isn’t over yet!
We are currently working on the integration of the latest KrPano 1.19 pre-release, to be released soon, and will continue these updates in Panotour 2.5 until the final version of KrPano 1.19.
We also want to reassure you vis-à-vis support of Panotour and our presence on our support forum. We aren’t going anywhere while our community is still here with us for discussions and queries and are actively creating plugins or html templates for other users to use.
  • Aaron T Snocker | Jun 2, 2017 at 1 h 14 min

    It’s so exciting to be in this field right now. The concepts we are bringing to people are blowing peoples minds. Keep up the great work kolor!

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