Tutorial: Omni The Full Workflow

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Kolor is excited to share with you the beginning of our full tutorial video series showing off an exact step-by-step process for creating 360° videos.
Through this massive work, Loic our VR trainer will guide you through the lessons in order to increase your skills in capturing, stitching and editing 360° footage.
«In this full tutorial, we are going to talk about all the aspects of producing and creating 360° videos.»
Although the first three parts of the series are focus on the GoPro Omni, the other parts focus on how to use Kolor Autopano Video Pro, Autopano Giga and Kolor NLE plugins to produce stunning immersive content.
Even if you use other VR cameras you can definitively learn special tips and tricks and take advantage of these lessons to take your knowledge to the next level. Here is the complete tutorial, you can jump to a specific chapter by clicking a link below. The entire tutorial is 2 hours and 30 minutes long.
In order to follow along with this lesson you will need Kolor Autopano Video Pro (a free-trial version is available to download through our download center) along with some footage shot on a 360 camera setup. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Did you know?

To create our 360 footage we use our Omni rig and also third party accessories from Manfrotto that can be found on GoPro’s webstore. Take a look at these accessories to grip, hang, attach, mount and power your Omni rig to create immersive experiences like no other.
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