Discover ForgeJS: Create VR experiences on your own

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Today we are proud to release ForgeJS, a modern web-based engine built on standard technologies (HTML5, Javascript and WebGL) that runs on every modern browser to unleash immersive VR content experiences.
ForgeJS can bring immersive media-driven experiences to life.
Discover ForgeJS

Why we created ForgeJS?

Today VR content creators are able to host 360 content on platforms like Youtube or Facebook.
However, in order to increase this feeling of immersion you need to allow viewers to be part of the experience by interacting with augmented content and live a non linear story.
ForgeJS is the answer to fulfill these needs: a modern web framework to tell stories in virtual reality (VR), based on immersive content.

What is the ForgeJS approach?

ForgeJS was thought to make the creation of WebVR storytelling content easier.
It allows you to build a multi scene VR story enhanced with 3D content and spatialized audio, all described in a single configuration.
Use VR storytelling to engage the attention of your audience
  • Edgar | May 3, 2017 at 1 h 16 min

    What would be the difference between ForgeJS and Panotour…

    I thought Panotur would create the same a forgeJS…what are the differences?

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