The Jetpack Flying Man in 360 degrees

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Who has never wanted to fly across oceans and cities around the world like a superhero or like a bird? Even if the idea seems crazy, there is a handful of people who are trying to enable personal flight. David Mayman is one of them.
“I have been dreaming my whole life about being able to fly on my own without an airplane. This dream is not just mine, as it has captured the imagination of millions of dreamers and futurists before me.” Says David.
10 years ago, David started collaborating with the famous inventor Nelson Tyler in California and in November 2015 they unveiled their jetpack by flying around the statue of liberty in New York. The images were all over the news and the audience, that realized that this dream would finally become a reality, was very excited.
Today the well known principality of Monaco and its heliport became a theatre of dreams and science fiction met reality when JetPack aviation decided to launch the ultimate toy, the JetPack JB-10. Inventor David Mayman strapped the machine to his back and lifted himself into the air.
“A normal camera just doesn’t give the viewer a real idea of what it is like to fly a jetpack. The only way to do this is with a 360-degree camera where the viewer can look in all directions!” underlines David.
The JetPack Aviation team which is constantly finding new ways to push the technology to its limits wanted to capture the flight in very high definition in order to allow dreamers, inventors and futurists to experience the same feelings than during the flight.
“The Omni is very well built. It fitted perfectly onto the jetpack after we made a special mounting place for it. The result is simply incredible!” underlines David.
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