Video-stitching software: Autopano Video 2.6 RC 1

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Intro Autopano Video 2.6 RC

Autopano Video 2.6 RC 1 released

We are happy to announce the first Release Candidate (RC) release for Autopano Video 2.6, with mostly bug fixes.

What’s new?

  • Mostly bug fixes for this version. For more information read the changelog below.
We hope to get plenty of feedback on this new version It is important for users to post reports in the right forum: Autopano Video – BETA – Feedback, bugs and discussion
As a reminder, all Autopano Video 2.x users can try out and register this new version for free.Still an Autopano Video / Pro 1.x user? Click here to learn the price and process to upgrade to the latest version.
Changelog for Autopano Video 2.6 RC 1

Main changes

This first release candidate version comes with some bugfixes especially about the video export.

Fixes since 2.6.0 beta 2:

- KOI-317 : Unable to merge H.265 videos
- KOI-319 : Rendered h264 video cannot be played
- KOI-331 : broken GoPro video merging
- KOI-320 : Frames dropped at the beginning and the end of a rendered video
- KOI-334 : CPU rendering broken on AVP standard when using MOV/H.264 pipeline
- KOI-332 : ProRes framerate was unproprely rounded when doing 59.940 fps
- KOI-342 : Fix ProRes encoding with insane frame sizes
- KOI-333 : Pixel Aspect Ratio information wasn't set in MP4 when doing 16:9 video aspect ratio in 2:1 display aspect ratio
- KOI-287 : Corrupted stitched preview when item is expanded
- KOI-335 : AVP linux packages now use tar.xz format
- KOI-336 : OpenSSL dependency missing for analytics on Windows
Changelog for Autopano Video 2.6 Beta 2

Main changes

This is the second beta release of the new Autopano Video engine 2.6. It comes with some nice UI improvements in the Omni Importer and some bugfixes in AVP. The following paragraphs will detail the changes.

Autopano Video

We made some updates in the stitching engine for this 2.6 that brought some issues. This release comes with some bugfixes related to that point. Don't hesitate to report bugs you found in this beta through the forum.

Omni Importer

We expect that minor improvements we made will make life easier. For example, user will be prompted the number of selected sequences, or the percentage of fetched footage during the loading phase.

Fixes since 2.6.0 beta 1:

- KOI-180 : autogenerate Save Project filename
- KOI-308 : [Omni Importer][UI] Display a percentage of fetched sequence when loading files
- KOI-307 : [Omni Importer][UI] Display the number of selected sequences
- KOI-305 : [Omni Importer][UI] When opening a capture, preview expands to be visible in the available area without scrolling
- KOI-306 : [Omni Importer][UI] Display a 'Restart to apply' message when user modifies settings
- KOI-211 : [Omni Importer][UI] add a window displaying EULA/CLUF in Omni Importer and AVP
- KOI-204 : Anonymous usage statistics
- KOI-312 : [BUG] Float settings not saved properly on MacOS sierra
- KOI-311 : [BUG] does not re-stitch after opening already stitched project
- KOI-309 : [BUG] Crash when exporting to cineform avi
- KOI-188 : [BUG] Render settings ask for file overwriting at apply
- KOI-275 : [BUG] Preferred rendering settings seems to not be taken into account
- KOI-253 : [BUG] crash in GpuRenderer::yuvConvert
- KOI-185 : [BUG] Stereo settings needs saving even when nothing was modified
- KOI-241 : [BUG][Omni Importer] Quitting Omni Importer during processing results in crash
- KOI-284 : [BUG] auto cut does not work on apply or edit
- KOI-315 : [BUG] On some rendering videos are clamped
- KOI-316 : [BUG] No I frames when merging some videos
Changelog for Autopano Video 2.6 Beta 1

Main changes

This is the first beta release of the new Autopano Video engine 2.6. It comes with some nice improvements. The following paragraphs will detail the changes.

Autopano Video new features

We added some very cool new features on Autopano Video. Here's a detailed list of the new features.

  • User template stitching
    Use your templates like presets by saving your favorite or best .pano files in your user directory and access them easily from Autopano Video. Using template stitching will position your cameras in exactly the same position as they are defined in your .pano file, with the same distortions and offsets. So you just need to calibrate your camera once and then re-use the template for any other shots. It can be combined with a geometric analysis in APG to adapt the stitching to your scene.
  • New video pipeline, allowing native spatial metadata injection
    We coded a new video pipeline. With this pipeline, spatial metadata injection and progressive MP4 writing are native and don't need any 3rd parties like python. We will stabilize this new video pipeline during the beta phase : do not hesitate to use it and post your feedback in the beta forum
  • The mask timeline is not available any more in smooth blending mode
    Many users were confused on mask poor efficiency when blending was set to smooth. To prevent this confusion, the mask timeline is now only available in sharp blending mode.

GoPro Omni Importer

In August 2016, we launched an amazing 6 GoPro synchronized rig called Omni, and provided GoPro Omni Importer with Autopano Video Pro in order to solve many pain points you had by using unsynchronized rigs, like syncing, data management, etc.

This release comes with an upgraded Omni Importer, able now to deal with photos. Here are listed the main new features:

  • Photo modes support
    Many customers wanted the support of still images directly in Omni Importer. This is possible with this new release, which also comes with the support of photo timelapse, burst and nightlapse. Users must note that support of photos comes with an update of the Omni firmware. Hence old still images shot with Omni will not appear in Omni Importer.
  • Default options customization
    We have added a preferences window, allowing you to choose :
    • customized video / photo / multi-shots default settings
    • customized export default directory
  • Sharp blending option availability
    In the first version, we decided to use by default the smooth blending mode. Many users asked for having the possibility to choose between smooth and sharp blending for their exports.
  • Filtering by capture type
    This new feature allows users to focus quickly on the kind of capture they want to work with. With the filtering bar, the Omni Importer can display only videos, photos or multishots.
  • Starred shots
    We implemented this feature to improve professional workflows. Users can now select the sequences they want to work on by clicking on the little star, and then display only those shots.
  • UI improvements
    We worked a lot on making the Importer as smooth and useful as possible, following some customers feedback. In particular, now the multiselection is fully implemented as expected in a data management tool.

Adobe Premiere Pro Plugins

We continued to work on GoPro VR Horizon and GoPro VR Reframe, to enable an amazing 360 video edition workflow. On both plugins we added a slider to fine tune the transitions smoothness

Fixes since 2.5.3:

- KOI-262 : add a pickup list of .pano feature in the "stitch as template"
- KOI-251 : [NLE Plugins] NLE Plugin refactoring
- KOI-240 : [Omni Importer] Filter favorite items
- KOI-239 : [Omni Importer] Filter items by capture type
- KOI-237 : [Omni Importer] CineForm render produces unpredictably different resolutions with trimmed clips
- KOI-228 : integrate QuickTimeFaststart
- KOI-218 : [Omni Importer] Apply the updated UI for 2.6
- KOI-216 : [Omni Importer] Save user preferred settings and apply them when app is launched
- KOI-214 : [NLE Plugins] new installer for NLE Plugin
- KOI-208 : Masking timeline should not be available in smooth mode
- KOI-194 : [NLE Plugins] use a slider to fine tune the transition smoothness in GoPro VR plugin for premiere
- KOI-172 : Video merger : GPMF to be merged
- KOI-168 : Discussion about the number of stitching positions and quality
- KOI-159 : [Omni Importer] identify my favorite shot/capture
- KOI-155 : [Omni Importer] Add a 3rd party window in Omni Importer
- KOI-151 : retain directories in merger
- KOI-145 : [Omni Importer] Option for audio alert upon completion
- KOI-132 : [Omni Importer] add a Iso / Sharp blending preset for video and video time lapse
- KOI-077 : Update CineForm libraries
- KOI-009 : [Omni Importer] Multiple selection
- KOI-271 : [Omni Importer] Omni Importer / AVP 2.6 finalization before public release
- KOI-269 : [Omni Importer] Omni Importer 2.6 stabilization (crash, performances)
- KOI-264 : [Omni Importer] fully support of photo modes (single, burst, timelapse), with the correct options applied for processing according
- KOI-241 : [Omni Importer] Quitting Omni Importer during processing results in crash
- KOI-197 : finalize MainConcept mov exporter - remove python script for metadata injection
- KOI-148 : [Omni Importer] Omni Importer: App will crash sometimes when quitting while rendering
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