360° video player: GoPro VR Player 2.0.2 – minor update

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GoPro VR Player 2.0.2 is available

Today we are happy to release a minor update of GoPro VR Player 2.0.2.

What’s new?

  • This version fixes a performance regression when using the VLC backend that was introduced in 2.0.1.
Changelog for GoPro VR Player 2.0.1

Main changes

We made a lot of work to make the Oculus feature more stable. With this new version, we successfuly made the app run 24 hours without any issues on following graphics cards :

  • NVidia GTX 970
  • NVidia GTX 1070
  • NVidia GTX 1080

All tests have been made on Windows 10.

WARNING : make sure to update your NVidia drivers to the version 372.70 (release date 8/30/2016) or more recent.

What's new

  • A setting has been added in Advanced section, you can now force VLC to decode with RGB. This should change the quality of the video rendering but it will cost more resources to decode.
  • Update to Oculus SDK 1.7.

Tasks and Fixes since 2.0.0 :

- [GPVP-37] - App freezes after some running time with Oculus
- [GPVP-41] - Refactor multi-threading
- Update Oculus SDK to 1.7
- Add a setting to force VLC decoding in RGB
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