360° video player: GoPro VR Player 2.0

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GoPro VR Player

Today we’re proud to release the stable version of GoPro VR Player 2.0 (formerly Kolor Eyes Desktop).
This new player is the latest and most advanced 360 video desktop player.
Play your 360° videos offline on both your Windows, Mac and Linux computers, showcase your content to your clients or friends, without an internet connection.


A brand new name, design and friendly interface

Just like it’s mobile and hosting counterparts, Kolor Eyes Desktop has been rebranded GoPro VR Player, and along with it comes a new and improved interface.GoPro VR Player also now includes a clearer settings menu, where you can set all the default settings for the launch of the app.

A new projection

Introducing the new projection “GoPro VR”, which smoothly transitions between the rectilinear and little planet projections by zooming in and out.

Multiple devices supported

You can view your 360 content with GoPro VR Player on various different devices: Oculus Rift (up to Oculus Consumer Version 1), LeapMotion, Intel RealSense, Synchronisation of multiple players, 3D TV

Multiple formats supported

In GoPro VR Player, you can input 360° videos up to 4K, and for video formats above 4K you can also input CineForm 360° videos. Are also supported: equirectangular images, 3D stereo video and images, different display outputs

A 360 player plugin for Premiere Pro

Preview in realtime your Adobe Premiere Pro editing directly in the Oculus Rift thanks to GoPro VR Player!

HLS Support for 360 live streaming

Make use of the HLS feature available with the VLC backend to watch live 360° events!
Changelog for GoPro VR Player 2.0

Main changes

GoPro Rebranding

Kolor Eyes becomes GoPro VR! Like for the other platforms, Kolor Eyes Desktop is now rebranded with GoPro style. The offical name is now GoPro VR Player. Discover the new skin!

Oculus CV1

GoPro VR Player supports the Oculus Consumer Version 1! You can now enjoy watching high quality videos with the most advanced of Head Mounted Displays!

New Projection

This release comes with the new amazing output projection named "GoPro VR"! This will allow you to smoothly transition between the rectilinear projection and little planet projection. Just try it and you will love it!


You will now have access to a setting screen where you can modify the software settings like input type, stereoscopy, output projection, video backend...

Linux version

GoPro VR Player is now available on Linux! You will be able to play 360 videos and images directly on your Linux computer. Huge thanks to Claire and Emeric for their efforts to make it happen!

Fixes since 1.6.2 :

- 0005801: [API] update to Oculus SDK 1.3
- 0005550: [UI] [Shortcuts] use arrow keys to move camera
- 0003756: [UI] [UI] Implementation Settings window
- 0005753: [UI] [2.0] Mockup UI Settings window
- 0004045: [UI] [Settings] Expose setting to set image display duration in playlist
- 0005746: [UI] [UI] Keyboard shortcuts
- 0005745: [UI] [UI] Menu bar
- 0004464: [UI] [UI] Rebrand
- 0005718: [API] [Decoding] VLC crashes when playing HLS
- 0005766: [API] [Decoding] Green frame with VLC 32bits
- 0005732: [API] [Settings] Color correction YUV to RGB
- 0005743: [UI] [Oculus]UI for playlist is buggy
- 0005719: [API] [Decoding] Update VLC to 2.2.3
- 0003595: [UI] [UI] Dpi aware
- 0005751: [API] [Qt] update to 5.6 (LTS)
- 0005500: [API] [Adobe plugin] Retina and Adobe plugin
- 0005752: [UI] [2.0] License CLUF/EULA update
- 0005708: [API] Rename Adobe plugin with new App name
- 0005424: [API] new projection to allow smooth transitions
- 0005763: [API] [Decoding] VLC crashes in 32bits version
- 0005733: [UI] [Settings] Color correction fine tuning
- 0005710: [UI] [Settings] window to give access to settings

Fixes since 2.0.0 beta :

- 0005765: [API] Linux version
- 0005797: [UI] Hints for each setting
- 0005821: [UI] Logo GoPro of first screen is dirty for Retina
- 0005806: [UI] Add Enter shortcut : GoPro VR projection transition between recti and littleplanet
- 0005805: [UI] Bottom bar behavior same as Web player
- 0005765: [API] Installer does not detect Premiere installed since last Premiere update
- 0005765: [API] Settings are not saved on Mavericks 10.9 only
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