Virtual tour software: Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.5.1 – minor update

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Panotour 251

A minor update of Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.5.1 is available!
This new version brings mostly bug fixes.

All Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.x users can download and try this new beta version without limitations!

Important note: Since the release of Panotour 2.5, we have received many crash reports. More than 50% of those were due to out of date graphics cards. Make sure yours are up to date from the manufacturer’s website now!
Changelog for Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.5.1

/!\ Warnings

Graphical card drivers

We recommand an update of your graphical card drivers
Many users of Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.5 version reported crashes that occured in libraries of their graphical card driver. An update of those drivers fixed the crash issue.

Third party plugin - Call Actions on Tour Events

If you want to react on the "video complete" event, you need to update the "Call actions on Tour events" plugin.
Download it here

Fixes since 2.5.0

- 0005173: [Installer] Windows : SmartScreen indicates that the app is not recognised
- 0005549: [Installer] Windows : Error box saying that D: drive is not available on Windows when starting project
- 0005602: [Crash Dump] Crash during FTP upload
- 0003230: [Crash Dump] Crash during tour build
- 0005567: [Crash Dump] Crash during the build of the 3D preview
- 0005565: [Crash Dump] Crash when replacing a "not fully loaded" panorama file with a cube faced one
- 0005585: [Algorithm] New panorama created by duplication is generated in same directory as the duplicated one
- 0005557: [Algorithm] Add Build parameters in presets
- 0005543: [Algorithm] Thumbnails are not regenerated if they are missing in the tour
- 0005281: [UI] Plugin list : scroll is inconsistent
- 0004837: [UI] Preview fullscreen is on the same windows as Panotour (Win 7 64bits) and hides it
- 0005599: [UI] The arrow between 2 panoramas is not re-drawn when changind the target of the "first" spot
- 0005514: [UI] 3D preview : Compass display is not refreshed according to the fov anf yaw of the view
- 0005058: [UI] Image and video spots are not displayed correctly on project reload
- 0004875: [UI] Hotspot editor : The Fullscreen icon is not in the right state when using double-click to fullscreen the view
- 0005298: [UI] Remove red colored bars on description and map widgets
- 0005531: [UI] Add a confirmation box when changing the load scene action of a used spot
- 0005510: [UI] Add a message box when trying to change the input field of view of a spherical video scene
- 0005529: [UI] Tour UI issue on selecting panoramas
- 0005369: [UI] Tour view doesn't resize in some case
- 0005592: [UI] Unable to build a tour if file system does not allow access to directory
- 0005551: [UI] Add security (credential) info for Panotour (Pro)
- 0005622: [Tour] Correct Move up, Move down and Look to actions
- 0005375: [Tour] Add Fullscreen support for MS Edge browser
- 0005523: [Tour] Issue with Win8 app/IE11 (need toStaticHTML usage)
- 0005571: [Tour] Activate Gyroscope only after the first little planet effect introduction
- 0005615: [Tour] Play sound action can play the sound twice on Safari browser
- 0005617: [Tour] Possible gyroscope issue when there is no splashscreen or no littleplanet introduction
- 0004030: [Tour] PDF viewer : only the first page is available on iOS 8.X and 9.X
- 0005598: [Tour] [NEED TO UPDATE PLUGIN and use 2.5.1 or more] Call Actions on Tour Events plugin : onvideocomplete doesn't work in some cases
- 0005581: [Tour] Add possibility to open the VR version of the tour with a VR query parameter in the URL
- 0005579: [Tour] Need to emty cache to see modifications done in the project
- 0005428: [Tour] PanoramaMenu plugin : add aria-haspopup attribute for tactile table with MS OS and browser (Egde...)
- 0005552: [Tour] Deactivate autotour based on full rotation and autorotation when gyroscope is active
- 0005568: [Tour] Rename sound file names to avoid XML errors
- 0005539: [Tour] VR mode: onTourStart event can be called twice
- 0005538: [Tour] VR mode: issue on video scene playback when littleplanet or splashscreen intro is activated on the project
- 0005518: [Tour] iPhone flickering issue when tour is displayed into an iframe
- 0005507: [Tour] Deep linking values : h, v and f are not applied when called without s parameter
- 0005584: [Plugin] KolorBox based plugins: when using offset the plugin can go outside the display zone
- 0005582: [Plugin] Floorplan plugin: radar shouldn't be available on planar panoramas
- 0005525: [Plugin] Video Control Bar plugin: SD / HD selector issue when SD is used first
- 0005354: [Plugin] Picture plugin: the toggle and open actions don't work if the picture is closed by a click on it
- 0005628: [Plugin] Social Button plugin: issues on top, bottom, left, right and center positions
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