Virtual tour software: Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.5 FINAL & Panotour Viewer update!

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The final version of Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.5, our virtual tour creation software is out!
This 2.5 version includes exciting new features in relation with 360 video, HMD and improvements to the user interface.

Panotour Viewer has also been updated, for all platforms: desktop, Android and iOS. This was to add support of the VR mode. You will be able to find the Panotour Viewer changelog at the bottom of this post.

Thank you to all the beta testers who provided their feedback, thoughts and bug reports!

All Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.x users can download and try this new beta version without limitations!

But what's new exactly in this new version? Many things! You'll find below examples of the new capabilities of Panotour Pro 2.5:

HMD support - Panotour Pro only

Tours generated with Panotour Pro are now compatible with virtual reality HMD such as Cardboards, Homido, Zeiss VR One, ColorCrossVR, Oculus DK1 and DK2. This new version of Panotour Pro comes with two new plugins, "WebVR button" and "Prev/Next Keys" enabling this new feature to be implemented in the virtual tour.

How does it work - smartphone based HMD?

Grab your smartphone and your HMD, click on the link below and take a look at the gallery, everything is explained:

You can now get immersed into your virtual tour with your smartphone - this feature is enabled on most Android and iOS devices - and in addition you only need an inexpensive smartphone-based HMD!

Don't have an HMD yet?

Then click on the button below to grab a Homido on the Kolor store! The Homido is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones from 4” to 5,7”.

How does it work - Oculus users?

You can also get immersed in your virtual tour through your Oculus. To do so, you need a WebVR enabled browser. To learn more about this technology click here. Then simply click the VR icon to enter the Oculus mode and enjoy:


We would like to thank Nuno A. Madeira for letting us use his virtual tour to showcase the HMD feature of Panotour Pro 2.5.

Take 5 minutes to have a look at his wonderful virtual tour of Bilbao, you won't regret it:

Standard video and 360 video support - Panotour Pro only

Panotour Pro is now able to manage spherical and flat videos as standard scenes. With this new feature come 2 new plugins "Video Control Bar" and a "Video Progress Bar", and a new button combination in standard control bars "Play/Pause" to play/pause the video.

How does it work?

You can simply import a video file as a new scene. You can also import several video files of different quality to make sure the video will be displayed on mobile devices with low bandwidth. A fixed hotspot can be added in the video allowing the users to move to another still or video scene.

You'll find below an example of a virtual tour including a 360 video as a scene. This virtual tour has been created by Xavier Spertini around our office in France.

How to see the video:

  • Click on the "star-shaped" hotspot named "Vol au dessus d'Alpespace" which is located on the floor close to the pond
  • The video should play automatically on computers and you need to tap on the screen on mobile devices to launch it.
  • You can exit the video at any time by clicking/tapping on the hotspot located on the bottom. Remember, you can now add hotspots but their positions are fixed in the sphere (or in the plane for planar video scenes) for the video duration.

Don't know how to create 360 video?

To create those kind of 360 videos you need a GoPro rig and Autopano Pro/Giga + Autopano Video/Pro. To learn more about the workflow check out the video on this page.

User interface enhancements

Several improvements have been brought to the global experience using Panotour/Pro. We added shortcuts to the hotspot editor to enhance productivity on spotting.It is also now much easier to create groups of panoramas. Check this video to learn more:


Several other new features and improvements are offered in Panotour/Pro 2.5 including:

  • Web Content spots: With Panotour Pro, you can now add any web page in a distorted spot in your tour, over a wall, a screen, etc... just like you already do with images and videos.
  • Social buttons: A new plugin to be able to add the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ share and like/+1 buttons over the tour.
  • Plugin enhancements: Several improvements have been brought to existing plugins including but not limited to the control bars, the social share, the video box ones. To learn more please check the change log below.

Need help using the new features?

The button below will lead you directly to the documentation in relation with the new features of Panotour/Pro 2.5:

Important notice: To be displayed correctly on Android phones on WebVR mode, tours should contain only one video scene.

If you want to learn more about these new features, discover other improvements and check what bugs have been fixed since the previous version, please consult the change log at the bottom of the post.

Changelog for Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.5

New Features

Video support

Panotour Pro is now able to manage spherical and flat videos as standard scenes.
With this new feature come 2 new plugins "Video Control Bar" and a "Video Progress Bar", and a new button combination in standard control bars "Play/Pause" to play/pause the video.

Stereoscopic 3D video support

This version supports stereoscopic videos scenes.
The stereoscopic format can be selected between Top-Bottom and Side-By-Side.

HMD support

Tours generated by Panotour Pro are compatible with HMD (Cardboards, Homido, VR One, ColorCrossVR, Oculus DK1 and DK2, GearVR*), if they contain spherical scenes. * partial support
With this feature come two new plugins, "WebVR button" that allows the user to enter VR mode on mobiles, and a "Prev/Next Keys" plugin to allow the user to change scene with keyboard while the HMD is on.

Web Content spots

With Panotour Pro, you can now add any web page in a distorted spot in your tour, over a wall, a screen, etc... just like you already do with images and videos.
Add a booking form over a table, a youtube video on a TV screen, etc... easily.

Social buttons

A new plugin to be able to add the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ share and like/+1 buttons over the tour.

Analytics plugin

Add your Google Analytics tracking ID and you'll be able to follow the loading of all scenes.

Loading transition plugin

This new plugin allows you to change the way the new loaded panorama appears over the older one.
The animations only appear with HTML5 player when WebGL is activated.

New actions

There are many new available actions into the "view control": zoom in/out, move left/right/top/bottom, look to.
Some HTML5 plugins (Gallery, Social Share, PDF viewer, Web video viewer, Website viewer) receive the open, close and toggle actions.
Some plugins (SmallGalleryBar, Compass, Radar, Simple button, Toggle button, WebVR button) receive the show, hide and toggle actions.
Snow and Rain plugins receive the start, stop and toggle actions.

XML files generation enhanced

If your project is already built, the tour generation generates only the XML files.
We enhanced the performance of this generation, so you'll be able to see your modifications faster on a large tour with many scenes, many plugins and/or many spots.

Improved Tiles generation

Due to issues on mobile devices, MS Edge browser with WebGL renderer, the tiles of all full spherical panoramas are now resized to 512x512 pixels.
/!\ WARNING: If your project is already built, all full spherical panoramas tiles will be rebuilt during next build to store tiles as 512x512 pixels sets.
/!\ WARNING: If, in a previous version, you locked spherical panoramas to not generate their tiles anymore, you'll have to unlock them during first build.

Automatic scaling on mobile devices

UI elements of the tour are automatically scaled on mobile devices.
A new option in the Build properties allows you disable this option.

UI Enhancements

  • Search feature in Tour area : Just enter a part of a name to select all the panoramas or groups containing this text into their name
  • We have added shortcuts to the hotspot editor to enhance productivity on spotting : Ctrl+F: Fullscreen, M: Move, L: Polygon, P: Picture, S: Spot, V: Video, C: Crop, Left/Right keys: Prev/Next pano
  • Group windows are now resizable. They are still created by default with 2 columns of panoramas, but you can now resize them to facilitate tour management.
  • Scene order can be changed easier than before, and groups display reflects the order of its scenes.
  • Scenes can be duplicated
  • Groups can be duplicated
  • Plugin instances can be duplicated
  • Spot style instances can be duplicated
  • Plugins can be re-ordered with drag-n-drop
  • The default view of flat scenes can be set to the whole scene more easily
  • All tours are now generated for desktop and mobiles. And HTML5 is the standard and default player used. So there is now only one option that allows you to enable or not the flash player fallback.
  • Panotour Pro interface is now available in Italian

Plugin Enhancements

  • Control Bars
    The home button in control bars is now able to load a specific URL.
    Previous/Next buttons can call the new actions "Load previous/next groups" instead of previous/next panorama.
    All control bars contain a new button that enable the activation of the VR mode.
  • Social Share
    Social share plugin now allows you to share the tour on VK.
  • Video Box
    Added SoundCloud as a possible provider.
  • Gallery, Website Box, Video Box, PDF Box, Social Share plugins
    The buttons of the Gallery, Website Box, Video Box, PDF Box, Social Share plugins can be customized
    Tooltips can be set over these buttons.
    A background overlay image can be set behind these plugins.
  • Double click
    Added double tap support.
  • Title
    Added the possibility to use the group color when displaying the current group title.
  • PanotourMaps
    Add 45° imagery support on Google maps layer
  • Panorama Menu and Panorama List
    Support of the "current group" source.


  • Generated tours now use the HTML5 player by default. Flash player is now mainly used as a fallback.
  • Tooltips on point spots can be displayed permanently.

Tour language and generated files

If you run Panotour Pro in another language than english, Panotour Pro will generate a "messages" xml file suffixed by the language used in Panotour Pro.
For example if you run PTP in german, and if your main tour file is mytour.html, the messages file is now mytour_messages_de.xml.
A new advanced option in the Build properties, allow you to generate multiple languages files according to a list of languages you want to embed in your tour.
A new advanced action allows you to switch from a language to another using those new files.
Panotour Pro does not any translation, you'll have to edit the generated files to translate your tour messages. Make sure you you back these edited files up, they will be overwritten if you build the tour again.


This version of Panotour/Panotour Pro generates tours using the third pre-release of 1.19 version of krpano


Video scenes and Spots

Spots are static spots. Their positions are fixed in the sphere (or in the plane for planar video scenes) for the duration of the video .

Video scenes and HMD

To be displayed correctly on Android phones on VR mode, tours should contain only one video scene.
To play a video on a mobile, users have to interact with the device, so mixing multiple videos in a single VR tour would require touching the mobile screen while it's on the head.
Windows Phone are not able to display spherical video scenes. They will be displayed as a flat video over the tour. So hotspots on videos are not displayed too.
Spots that do not load another full spherical panorama are removed from the VR tour, except picture spots that do nothing.
Polygon spots that load a panorama are converted into your default point spot.
If your video scene file has sound, you have to set also a sound track to let this sound be played on iPhone

Web Content spots

Those spots are available only in Panotour Pro.
They are displayed in the HTML5 player only, and they work great with the standard projection. If you change the projection of the viewer (Little Planet, Architectural, etc...) they will not exactly match the wanted area.

/!\ Warnings

Tiles generation

If your project is already built, all full spherical panoramas tiles will be built during next build to store tiles as 512x512 pixels sets.
If, in a previous version, you locked spherical panoramas to not generate their tiles anymore, you'll have to unlock them during first build.

Internet Explorer 8 support

Google discontinued support of Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) for the Google Maps Javascript API v3 around August 31st 2015.
IE8 is no longer supported by many websites, including Google Apps and Google Analytics.
Microsoft has annouced that they will no longer support IE8 from January 2016 for desktop operating systems.
Kolor will also discontinue support of IE8 into Panotour exports progressively.
So we recommend that all users upgrade to more modern browsers.

Custom HTML templates

Custom HTML templates have to be updated to be able to use the VR mode of tours
So if you are using some HTML templates based on those available on Panotour Pro documentation page, download their new version and update your own templates according to this new version.

Third-Party plugins

We did a fix on the all the plugins samples available on Panotour Pro documentation website.
So if you are using some plugins samples available there, download their new version and update your own plugins according to this new version.

Panorama specific plugins

If your projects use some panorama specific plugins, you downloaded on our documentation dedicated page (Extra plugins), then update those plugins. If you don't your tours may not work due to krpano changes in the management of variables.

For third party plugins developers

The 1.19 version of krpano manages additions/substraction during conditional tests. This new ability induces some errors if your code contains some variables with a minus "-" or "+" sign.

- 0004278: [Crash] LivePano : does not work on Linux - 0004898: [Crash] Crash: really big gigapixels cannot be loaded in PTP
- 0005303: [Crash] Crash when building a tour containing panoramas imported from cube faces
- 0005302: [Crash] Crash when adding spot or a spot style
- 0005286: [Crash] Crash when selecting "Basic/Display a ..." actions on some plugins
- 0005368: [Crash] Crash when deleting the default map spot style
- 0004818: [Algorithm] FTP issue : unable to connect to ftp server
- 0004953: [Algorithm] Projects done with 2.3.2 containing a huge number of spots cant be opened with 2.5 beta 1
- 0004940: [Algorithm] HTML Templates do not have access to the same variables as plugin templates
- 0005126: [Algorithm] Loading issue if there is many plugins
- 0005138: [Algorithm] When adding a new plugin, old ones take the values of the new one
- 0005135: [Algorithm] Actions chooser: When adding a new plugin, the action list contains action of previous plugin
- 0005095: [Algorithm] Video scene: adding alternate files to a video scene does not generate them
- 0005075: [Algorithm] Duplication: Unable to generate spot icons after multiple duplications of a point spot style
- 0004981: [Algorithm] Duplication: Duplication of plugins containing action leads to an error: an action is already registered with same ID
- 0004925: [Algorithm] Duplication: After a plugin duplication the duplicated plugin has same ID as the first one
- 0005117: [Algorithm] Duplication: When loading a project the names of duplicated plugins are not the one set before
- 0005168: [Algorithm] Edge, mobile, WebGL issues for non 512x512 tiles in full spherical panoramas
- 0005198: [Algorithm] A build following an "Extended save as" does not build the tiles
- 0005232: [Algorithm] Time to retrieve modified files is very long even if all panoramas are locked
- 0005350: [Algorithm] Some plugins disappear from the tour after being duplicated in Panotour
- 0005326: [Algorithm] 3D view is long to load on existing project
- 0005377: [Algorithm] Unable to remove spot style -> still used by "deleted" spots
- 0002547: [UI] Map spots style : remove the autoration on hover option which is never applied
- 0002645: [UI] Livepano : add possibility to zoom in crop step
- 0003016: [UI] Main panorama area : after a status icon is clicked, the tooltip displayed is always the one of the clicked icon
- 0003353: [UI] Colorization of 'Aged' spot doesn't work
- 0004014: [UI] Ability to copy/paste/duplicate panoramas or groups
- 0004153: [UI] No history on autorotation, splashscreen and little planet selectors
- 0004386: [UI] Keyboard shortcuts added for productivity
- 0004395: [UI] Description UI : restore the remove format button
- 0004578: [UI] Set 16:9 as default video format for Vimeo videos into the "display a web video" action
- 0004580: [UI] Order panoramas doesn't work on MacOSX
- 0004613: [UI] 3D Preview : black lines are displayed around cube faces
- 0004681: [UI] Display Web Video action : apply provider selector and video ID field to spot action properties and correct autoplay
- 0004797: [UI] Floorplan orientation : bad white background is used
- 0004809: [UI] Picture spot : change the display picture selector for always/on hover/on click/hidden states
- 0004854: [UI] Add Web Content container spot
- 0004856: [UI] Gallery plugins : when adding multiples files the opened windows appear twice
- 0004481: [UI] Bad display of the plugins actions
- 0004646: [UI] Change icon for "do not generate tiles" on each panorama
- 0004840: [UI] Add a tooltip text over spots style tooltip field to list and explain the available placeholders
- 0004947: [UI] Livepano: preview is black when rotated
- 0004951: [UI] Display image offsets are not taken in account after a modification
- 0004569: [UI] Unable to display the overall view of a flat panorama
- 0004965: [UI] Replace a hotspot style action by itself fill empty the action box and cannot open it on unselect/select
- 0004897: [UI] VR / Flash only: indicate which spots are kept in the projet summary
- 0004952: [UI] Panotour "not responding" when selecting a spot style on Style view
- 0004960: [UI] Video scene : video continue to play after the frame selector window is closed
- 0004941: [UI] The Plugins library cannot be scrolled easily
- 0004943: [UI] Add "Flash Fallback Only" texts for features
- 0004909: [UI] Geolocation: a spot is created without style if the geolocation window is opened and closed without moving the spot
- 0004910: [UI] MacOS: "About Panotour Pro" menu opens the "About 3rd party plugins" window
- 0004907: [UI] After changing the action of a spot style that previously loads a panorama, the link is still displayed in the tour area
- 0004575: [UI] New action : change language with a parameter + New "Languages" field in the Build Properties
- 0005103: [UI] Preview 3D: refresh values on Flat panorama selection
- 0005132: [UI] Bad rendering of some frames/thumbnails and bad preview for flat videos
- 0005126: [UI] Can't load project if there is many plugins
- 0005118: [UI] Unable to rename a plugin by double clicking on its name
- 0005047: [UI] Some parameters fields are not resetted when a project is closed
- 0005034: [UI] Remove the geolocation of a panorama doesn't remove the spot on the Map editor during the session
- 0005060: [UI] Change font size in a plugin title change all instance
- 0005059: [UI] Video scene geolocalised is not displayed on map
- 0005015: [UI] New available actions: Zoom in/Zoom out + Move left/right/top/bottom + lookto actions to the "view control" ones
- 0002426: [UI] Hotspot editor: upgrade point spot into polygonal hotspot selection issue
- 0003005: [UI] Many map spots lead to a refresh delay of the map interface
- 0003623: [UI] Links between panoramas are not updated when setting the target after changing the style of the spot
- 0004259: [UI] Right click issue (into hotspot editor and with touchpad on MacOSX
- 0005154: [UI] Add a second "same" action can override the previous one into spot styles
- 0005186: [UI] When changing projection of a panorama, the preview becomes black
- 0005188: [UI] Flat and partial panoramas issues
- 0005201: [UI] Preview display issue on MacBook when an external monitor is used
- 0005252: [UI] Add stereoscopic video support into hotspot editor, thumbnails selection, video frame editor
- 0005253: [UI] Add map spots and floor plan spots into project summary
- 0005262: [UI] Users directory resources can be badly imported if contains upper case chars
- 0005273: [UI] Preset file path issue when computer paths are updated
- 0005349: [UI] Alternative videos issues in VR mode
- 0005028: [UI] Ubuntu : issues with spots image, videos, webcontent and polygons into editor (coord x/y restetted to 0 )
- 0005333: [UI] Default Http/s protocal not take into account in URLs
- 0005288: [UI] Preview image does rotate as smoothly as in 2.3 on MacOSX
- 0005210: [UI] MacOSX El Capitan font issue
- 0005315: [UI] All plugins actions are set under a single "plugin" category -> unable to see for which plugin an action is for
- 0005392: [UI] Unable to move panoramas or groups after a drop of a group in another one
- 0005423: [UI] Livepano maximize window button has disappeared
- 0005497: [UI] Verify video alternative files existence
- 0005374: [UI] Add an option to disable Mobile scale in Build properties
- 0004417: [Tour] Add background overlays on display picture and video actions
- 0002356: [Tour] Improve autotour on full sphere + partial + planar panos when "after a full rotation" option is checked
- 0002654: [Tour] Apply a scale factor for hotspot and krpano xml plugins for mobile devices
- 0003338: [Tour] Add possibility to display tooltips permanently on point spots
- 0004095: [Tour] Picture spot maximized : apply on auto ratio to fit the screen
- 0004216: [Tour] Set HTML5 viewer as preferred for tours
- 0004349: [Tour] Add focus on player/viewer once loaded
- 0004523: [Tour] Krpano 1.19 pre release 2 integration
- 0004551: [Tour] Sound issue when displayVideo action and background sound and control bar sound selector are used at the same time
- 0004552: [Tour] Autoplay video or livepano only when panorama is fully loaded
- 0004576: [Tour] Change of the control mode is not done prior to loading on low bandwidths
- 0004618: [Tour] Image is displayed before it's resize into the 'displayImage' action with zoom animation
- 0004623: [Tour] Fisheye projection : bad maximal FOV value
- 0004624: [Tour] Autorotation on 360 rotation issue
- 0004643: [Tour] Better video hotspots "autoplay" support for Android devices
- 0004760: [Tour] Tooltip issue when display area is resized
- 0004764: [Tour] Add vertical limits for Pannini projection
- 0004785: [Tour] Ability to use vfov and hfov for flat panoramas
- 0004851: [Tour] Disable display video, display image and play sound actions if the file field is empty
- 0004968: [Tour] Add unavailable state for VR mode with automatic return to the default visit
- 0004958: [Tour] Generic template issue with description and tags
- 0004961: [Tour] 360 Video sound: sound is muted on start if project sound isn't enabled
- 0004901: [Tour] 360 Video sound: pause the scene background sound if video panoramic sound isn't muted
- 0004931: [Tour] 360 Video sound: no sound is played on iPhone
- 0003946: [Tour] Description: remove html tags for <meta> description integration
- 0004908: [Tour] Add possibility to tell that a video does not have any sound or to mute it
- 0004938: [Tour] Permanent tooltip issue when permanent on mobile but not on desktop
- 0004935: [Tour] Template: add a "stripcontent" filter to remove some parts of panorama or group names
- 0004929: [Tour] VR: setup menu overlaps in french
- 0004894: [Tour] VR: the load of a new scene displays first the default view of the panorama, and then the correct view
- 0004926: [Tour] VR: does not work on "unknown" devices with french translations
- 0004927: [Tour] VR: does not work if the skin_vr file is empty
- 0004948: [Tour] VR: ability to manage all settings in landscape or portait
- 0004998: [Tour] VR: add mobile wakelock and multiresolution locking support
- 0004995: [Tour] VR settings: changes to manage distortion 2 and chromatic aberration
- 0005000: [Tour] Microsoft Edge browser issues
- 0004993: [Tour] Add automatic pause and resume of videos on browser tabs selection
- 0004937: [Tour] Tour background sound is played when getting back to the tour tab, even if it was stopped before
- 0005078: [Tour] iOS 8.4.1: clicking on a polygonal hotspot leads to a crash ot the tour
- 0005152: [Tour] iOS 9: videos do not receive the touch event
- 0005110: [Tour] Possible video scene issue on iOS
- 0005005: [Tour] VR mode: custom languages issue for settings texts
- 0004803: [Tour] VR mode: remove spots when the source scene is the same that the target scene
- 0005129: [Tour] VR mode: remove the video scene autoplay on entry screen
- 0005094: [Tour] VR mode: default video play issue when played from WebVR
- 0005085: [Tour] VR mode: bad video file url if alternate files are present
- 0005090: [Tour] VR mode: default video url can be wrong if alternate files exists
- 0005045: [Tour] VR mode: video autostart must be called after the entrance screen
- 0005003: [Tour] VR mode: issue with 0 values into VR settings
- 0005004: [Tour] VR mode: no distortion headset image is missing
- 0005081: [Tour] Display image action: correct size issue on double click
- 0005063: [Tour] Issue on image ratio when displayImage action is called when an other image is displayed
- 0005049: [Tour] Permanent spot tooltip must be refreshed on language changes
- 0005050: [Tour] Add hotspot tag attribute to identify them into krpano code (graphical hotspots only)
- 0005044: [Tour] Invalidate the iPhone sound track for panoramic video if mute is checked
- 0005043: [Tour] Restore sounds spots (played on full sphere) into VR mode
- 0005012: [Tour] Remove the focus call into an iframe to avoid scroll page issue
- 0005006: [Tour] Background sound is resumed when a new panorama is loaded even if does not loop
- 0005002: [Tour] Spots are dispayed during the little planet introduction
- 0005113: [Tour] Add prefered videos formats for video scenes: chrome+ie+edge+safari as mp4 and firefox as webm
- 0005156: [Tour] Global background sound issue when many video scenes are muted and unmuted
- 0004579: [Tour] Add stereoscopic video support for 360 panoramic videos
- 0005016: [Tour] Invalid the wmode transparent on HTML5 WebGL player to avoid white flash during a scene transition
- 0005157: [Tour] Ability to play background sound and video scene sound at the same time.
- 0005158: [Tour] Hidden spots due to width/height "prop" value usage in VR mode
- 0005162: [Tour] Move left/right actions issues
- 0005172: [Tour] VR mode: better check on the first scene display and on unavailable state
- 0005209: [Tour] Video scene issue when using an iPhone mp3 sound under MacOSX Safari, Android and iOS
- 0005214: [Tour] VR mode: better check on spots availability
- 0005235: [Tour] Bad generation of the map spots description for groups floor plans
- 0005213: [Tour] VR mode: polygon fallback issue if default point spot is not present into the project
- 0005246: [Tour] VR mode: change policy on the VR settings storage to store them only into the local storage
- 0005247: [Tour] VR mode: Firefox for Android crash on start
- 0005250: [Tour] VR mode: bad displacement on start when little planet entrance option is checked
- 0005251: [Tour] VR mode: use the default view of the first panorama
- 0005334: [Tour] Bootstrap Full Page html template z-index issue
- 0005322: [Tour] Bad call to restoreViewFromPannini action when pannini view is not applied
- 0005311: [Tour] [NEW] Ability to limit splash screen to screen size
- 0005297: [Tour] Video spot on flash player : bad displayed frame when the video is stopped
- 0005296: [Tour] Video scene loop state can be activated by browser tabs on HTML5 player even if inactivated in Panotour
- 0005283: [Tour] Possible issues with video/livepano if "tour start" event is pushed back in time due to littleplanet introduction
- 0005356: [Tour] Project thumbnail is always generated as a jpeg even if it is not the case
- 0005365: [Tour] Bad check of the alternate videos files of a video scene
- 0005378: [Tour] Action overflow when loading a video scene in VR mode
- 0005388: [Tour] Patch on move left, right, top, bottom and lookto actions
- 0005389: [Tour] Video scene sound is not stopped when loading a new scene into some HTML templates
- 0005390: [Tour] iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S landscape fullscreen issue
- 0005404: [Tour] Video scene sound issue if completed at least one time
- 0005398: [Tour] VR mode: issue with HMD selector into VR settings
- 0005427: [Tour] Better MS Edge browser check
- 0005502: [Tour] Delay the reset of autotour values when loading a new scene
- 0004622: [Plugin] New plugin : Video control bar for videos scenes
- 0004529: [Plugin] New plugin : Video progress bar for videos scenes
- 0004555: [Plugin] New plugin : Previous and next scene/group plugin for keyboard
- 0004868: [Plugin] New plugin : Social button
- 0001232: [Plugin] New plugin : Analytics
- 0002666: [Plugin] Picture : add a close on click action
- 0005037: [Plugin] Picture : show/hide/toggle actions
- 0004024: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : add title sizes options
- 0004343: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : add padding values options for menu and submenu
- 0004755: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : add current group support
- 0004759: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : submenus are not on the same line
- 0004855: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : issues with color variation option and with the change of the main menu font
- 0005144: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : add open/close/toggle actions
- 0005123: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : the thumbnails are badly placed if the title is under the thumbnail
- 0005352: [Plugin] Panorama Menu : bad rescale once displayed if the plugin is hidden before or after a fullscreen event
- 0004824: [Plugin] Menu plugins : first selected panorama issue if first panorama is not into a group
- 0004802: [Plugin] Projection Menu : apply same params as Panorama Menu and solve selected projection
- 0002188: [Plugin] KolorBox and KolorArea based plugins : possibility to customize the image UI elements (prev/next, close cross, ...)
- 0004242: [Plugin] KolorBox and KolorArea based plugins : add tooltip texts support for buttons
- 0004301: [Plugin] KolorBox and KolorArea based plugins : add image overlay as background
- 0004310: [Plugin] KolorArea based plugins : add border alpha support
- 0004853: [Plugin] KolorArea based plugins : better open/close/toggle support
- 0005323: [Plugin] KolorArea based plugins : possible bad restore of the autoration setting
- 0004311: [Plugin] KolorBox based plugins : add internal margins support
- 0004833: [Plugin] Gallery : ability to change counter color and caption horizontal alignment
- 0005211: [Plugin] Gallery : add new slideshow interval values
- 0004522: [Plugin] Gyroscope : add gyro2 (based on devicemotion) krpano plugin support
- 0004686: [Plugin] Gyroscope : remove camroll option on partial panoramas for 'deviceorientation' mode
- 0004996: [Plugin] Gyroscope : add friction to the 'devicemotion' gyroscope and set 'devicemotion' as default mode
- 0004997: [Plugin] Gyroscope : add 'touch support' and automatic calibration on the 'devicemotion' gyroscope
- 0005020: [Plugin] Gyroscope : apply modifications in presets
- 0005010: [Plugin] Gyroscope : add flat panorama support for 'devicemotion' mode and correct camera roll option
- 0005036: [Plugin] Gyroscope : invalidate the camroll on partial and flat panoramas
- 0004525: [Plugin] Social Share : add VK (VKontakte) support
- 0004213: [Plugin] WebVideo Box : apply new Kolor Eyes Hosting urls
- 0004531: [Plugin] WebVideo Box : add SoundCloud provider
- 0004571: [Plugin] Thumbnails bar plugins : bad display of the previous and next arrow on resize
- 0004574: [Plugin] Progress Bar and Loopings : add HTML5 support for progress bar part
- 0004605: [Plugin] Logo : set enabled false for click through when no action on logo
- 0004615: [Plugin] Doubleclick : add double-tap support
- 0004717: [Plugin] Title : add group color management
- 0004852: [Plugin] Description : add open/close/toggle actions
- 0004890: [Plugin] Description : toggle issue when "current spot description" is called with listener on tour info event.
- 0005137: [Plugin] Description : add options for close button
- 0005265: [Plugin] Description : issues on open and toggle action when called from a spot
- 0003618: [Plugin] Floorplan : the floorplan moves when clicking on a spot
- 0004585: [Plugin] Floorplan : select list is displayed under the floorplan when using animated spots with MacOS Safari
- 0004647: [Plugin] Floorplan : tooltips are broken
- 0004652: [Plugin] Floorplan : tooltip onhover and label issues on spot click
- 0004698: [Plugin] Floorplan : add "selected" class name for the selected active spot
- 0004814: [Plugin] Floorplan : resolve some issues with positions
- 0004842: [Plugin] Floorplan : close on click can invalidate the open/close/toggle methods
- 0004974: [Plugin] Floorplan : issue with possible overwrite of margin of tag style
- 0005074: [Plugin] Floorplan : radar does not move when a video scene is moved
- 0005061: [Plugin] Floorplan : position issue when not draggable and not resized
- 0005321: [Plugin] Floorplan : change title issue when single floorplan option is checked
- 0004115: [Plugin] Control bars : add possibility to open a specific URL on Home button in control bars
- 0004582: [Plugin] Control bars : add Play/Pause video buttons to play/pause 360° videos scene
- 0004607: [Plugin] Control bars : showTourControls and hideTourControls actions must be added when plugin is linked to tour controls events
- 0004724: [Plugin] Control bars : add previous and next group action support
- 0004763: [Plugin] Control bars : ability to hide them on video scenes
- 0004892: [Plugin] Control bars : Add VR button in the control bars
- 0005021: [Plugin] Control bars : add VR button into presets
- 0005008: [Plugin] Control bars : improve the gyroscope test and add the unavailable state
- 0005009: [Plugin] Control bars : improve the enter vr test and add the unavailable state
- 0005195: [Plugin] Control bars : home button must restart the video scene
- 0004661: [Plugin] Classic Control Bar : bad display on mobile devices when all buttons are desktop only buttons
- 0005403: [Plugin] Classic control bar : double opacity value issue
- 0004790: [Plugin] D-Pad control bar: some buttons are not displayed when the play/pause video button is activated on a video scene
- 0005082: [Plugin] D-Pad control bar: tooltip issue when bar is hidden
- 0005196: [Plugin] iControl & Urban control bars: little display issue on show controls button placement when a play a video scene button is present.
- 0005304: [Plugin] Round control bar : play/pause video display issue
- 0005197: [Plugin] Round control bar: issue on fullscreen buttons when the fullscreen support is unavailable
- 0004586: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : bad preset with panotourMaps bing and openlayers due to name changes
- 0004786: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add 45° imagery support for Google maps
- 0004815: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add z-index support for resizable zone
- 0004842: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : close on click can invalidate the open/close/toggle methods
- 0004955: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : issue when hidden and enter the WebVR mode
- 0004756: [Plugin] Panorama List : add current group support
- 0004826: [Plugin] Panorama List : better selected panorama and/or group support
- 0004869: [Plugin] Change all plugins name to use the parameter
- 0004788: [Plugin] HTML5 plugins : add a delete method to be able to unload plugins on entering WebVR mode
- 0004972: [Plugin] Double Click: double-tap is badly triggered on pinch/spread actions
- 0004973: [Plugin] Radar: correct radar center issue
- 0005111: [Plugin] Combobox : size issue on mobile devices
- 0005219: [Plugin] ComboBox : drop down list display issue on mobile scale
- 0005422: [Plugin] Combobox : fix the reduced size of the list on mobile device
- 0005088: [Plugin] Progress Bar & Loopings: apply radius on looping animation into HTML5 plugin
- 0005068: [Plugin] WebVr button: better check on vr availability
- 0005001: [Plugin] New transition selector for blending into effects
- 0005087: [Plugin] Loader Information: remove the bytes display (not supported into HTML5 player)
- 0005093: [Plugin] Loaders plugins: remove on video scenes due to a loading information issue
- 0004726: [Plugin] HTML5 plugins based on KolorBox: add open/toggle/close actions
- 0004570: [Plugin] The update of the language is taken in account on the krpano plugins
- 0004568: [Plugin] The update of the language is taken in account on the HTML5 plugins (without content change)
- 0002856: [Plugin] Compass: add radar feature under the arrow
- 0004964: [Plugin] Compass & Radar: must be hidden planar panoramas
- 0005166: [Plugin] HTML5 plugins: better dispatch of actions if plugin is not ready yet
- 0005178: [Plugin] Rain / Snow plugins: add start/stop/toggle action
- 0005190: [Plugin] SmallGalleryBar, Compass, Radar, Buttons plugins: add open/close/toggle methods
- 0005212: [Plugin] Gallery, PDF, Website and Web Video viewers plugins: add a check on open to know if content must be updated
- 0005228: [Plugin] KolorArea and KolorBox based plugins: add the border alpha management
- 0005241: [Plugin] Social button plugin: restore hide on hide controls option
- 0005279: [Plugin] Context Menu plugin: add VR mode entry
- 0005325: [Plugin] Compass plugin is not displayed
- 0005097: [Plugin] [New] PDF viewer : use PDF.js library for local (same domain) PDF
- 0005305: [Plugin] Analytics : issue with quote into tiles
- 0005367: [Plugin] Analytics : set plugin as VR compatible
- 0005370: [Plugin] ComboBox issue with "&" char
- 0005379: [Plugin] Thumbnails bars: issue when hidden on start and resized
- 0005498: [Plugin] HTML5 plugin : remove the use of toStaticHTML method for MS Edge browser
- 0005425: [Plugin] Analytics plugin : add "vr" keyword into page views and correct recording issue on first scene
- 0005418: [Plugin] Compass / Radar plugins : hidden state issue on tour start
- 0005385: [Plugin] HTML5 plugins: color alpha value is not taken in account on some backgrounds and borders
- 0005092: [Third-party] HTML Bootstrap template issue on displayed thumbnails
- 0005161: [Third-party] Bootstrap templates with 3.3.5 version
- 0005191: [Third-party] Plugin events: better management of the onvideocomplete override
- 0005193: [Third-party] ShowHideSpecificHotspots action: add spot categories and code corrections
- 0005194: [Third-party] Update of all third parties plugins
- 0005221: [Third-party] Update of all third parties HTML templates
- 0005222: [Third-party] Add hotspots and panoramas search HTML template
- 0005264: [Third-party] PanoTag plugin has been discontinued by Digisfera

Changelog for Panotour Viewer 1.1

All platforms

  • Better and easier UI
  • Better mimetypes support
  • Automatic update when adding/removing a ptv file


  • VR support enhanced
  • Better SDCard support
  • Android 6 support


  • iOs 9 support
  • VR support enhanced
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