360° video player: Kolor Eyes Desktop 1.5.1

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Kolor has just released a minor update for Kolor Eyes Desktop, our free 360° video player Kolor Eyes for Windows and Mac.
This minor update brings an update to Oculus Rift support and Realsense.

To learn more, read the change log below.

Main changes

Update of Oculus SDK to 0.7 (Windows only)

Kolor Eyes is built with the last version of Oculus SDK (0.7). Don't forget to update your Oculus Runtime driver to the latest.

For more informations on Kolor Eyes and Oculus check the online documentation.

Update of Intel RealSense SDK to 6.0 (Windows only)

The new release of Intel RealSense SDK gives more precise gestures tracking and some other improvements, try it !

You will have to update the RealSense SDK Runtime and Camera driver.

For more informations on Kolor Eyes and Intel RealSense check the online documentation.

Fixes since 1.5.0 :

- 0005170: [API] Update Oculus SDK to last version 0.7.
- 0005171: [API] Update Intel RealSense SDK to 6.0.
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