VR Gorilla: The real experience in the African jungle with mountain gorillas

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Two Dutch filmmakers from production company VR Gorilla travelled in May 2015 to Southern Uganda, in order to raise awareness among the public about the endangered status of mountain gorillas.
This exclusive 360 content was made possible through the participation of mountain gorillas themselves :) Indeed, this interactive and immersive experience from the Bwindi Forest allows viewers to get the feeling of being among these magnificent creatures… Have a look at the project:

How this project was born?

Our main idea was to create a virtual reality travel experience; a way for people to enjoy amazing sights and situations from the comfort of their living rooms. We partnered with the travel agency Matoke Tours located in Uganda. They managed all the trip details and in return we had to produce some 360 degree content of our trip useable during events or exhibitions for instance.

Through this project what is your message?

It is imperative to raise awareness about the respect and the protection of the planet. The population of mountain gorillas has grown up slowly to 880 individuals. However, being there, helped me to understand their fragile environment.

« Being there, helped me to understand the fragile environment of mountain gorillas. »

What is the best and worst moment of your trip?

Actually there were tons of good and bad moments. Let’s start with the best…
During the first gorilla tracking and after a couple of hours we found the Nkoringo gorilla group and started recording. I put the rig near a young gorilla who was climbing a tree. I needed some rest and had to leave the rig alone. A few minutes later, I came nearer and found the gorilla lying down, holding the camera, producing the content that we are now watching.
An old man joined us for the second gorilla tracking. During the trip, he had a heart attack and passed away. That is for sure the worst moment of the trip.

We have been seeing an increased interest in successful 360 video ads and VR video ad production. According to you, to VR or Not VR?

Uses and possibilities offered by Virtual Reality are endless. Many companies and advertising agencies will use this new techniques to create VR marketing campaigns. At VR Gorilla we are much more interested in creating stories and increase the public’s awareness about miscellaneous topics.

« At VR Gorilla we are much more interested in creating stories. »

Do you have other VR projects in the pipe?

Today we launch our website VR Gorilla and we will soon release our application ‘Virtual Gorillas’. This app is a VR safari experience including balloon safari, boat safari, game drives including 3D sound. It is possible to wear headphones and hear sounds coming from all directions, you really feel immersed.

Good luck and thank you for sharing!


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