Case study: Virtual tour made with 360 video content only

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Panotour Pro version 2.5, virtual tour creation software, is now able to manage spherical and flat videos as standard scenes. 360idees, Panotour Pro 2.5 beta tester has just finished a great project merging 360 video content into a virtual tour. The result is impressive!

An interview with Terence Leroy-Beaulieu from 360idees:

Your virtual tour has been done with a Freedom360 rig and 6 GoPro cameras. Where this idea came from?

I am a film maker for over 20 years. In parallel, I am also interested in virtual reality. I wanted to give a try it is why I bought a Freedom360 rig, 6 GoPro cameras and Autopano Video Pro.

What are the advantages of this method?

The use of GoPro cameras allowed me to shoot quickly and save time. I was able to finish this spherical project within a few days. The final result is certainly lower quality than what you can obtain with a DSLR camera but I am happy with it. The work in post production has been reduced to nil because I just would have to patch the nadir with After Effects and Photoshop to finish the project.

360 video is just at its early stage. How do you see its development in the next few years?

It’s a new way of watching audiovisual content. There is a new world to invent. Virtual reality applications have endless potential: video virtual tour, live, therapy and so on.

Thank you for sharing!

  • Georgi Tsobekhia | Apr 2, 2016 at 19 h 59 min

    First of all – this is great! Immersive VR video is the future and this unexplored territory makes us filmmakers very excited! Though film is considered a visual medium, the importance of sound in filmmaking may not be overlooked. For a true immersive experience, it is my opinion that, video-platforms and editing software should support surround sound – not only playback, but also responsive to the movements of the viewer in 360. We also hope to be able combine VR video with (interactive) 3D elements and special effects in the near future. We have been running some test in 3Ds Max and V-Ray, we are going to try to combine this with 360 video. I have to admit we are currently only taking our first steps in VR filmmaking… We have 3D printed our rig are and currently looking into designing some adjustments to the model so it could hold up to 12 rented GoPro’s for stereoscopic video. Seeing as the technology and software needed are quite expensive we found a couple of potential local sponsors to produce some showcase material to get us started (one on top of a very high building and one underwater in a large sealife aquarium). But we dream of creating some amazing content with this technology in the future – such as immersive virtual adventure travel tours, point-and-click games and fiction films. So thank you and keep up the good work Kolor! Best regards, Georgi – Infilmer Studios

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