Panorama software update: Autopano 4.0.1 is available

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A new update for Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga is available. It is free for all clients of version 4. It brings bug fixes and enhancements (read details below).

Main changes

We always improve and fix issues as soon as they are reported.

Fixes since 4.0.0:

- 0004572: [Crash Dump] delete pieces in quick preview
- 0004662: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Crash when closing control point editor
- 0004655: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Null ptr in KImageLoader::LockPostProcess
- 0004709: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Null ptr in CRenderPreview::RTPRenderFullToKImage
- 0004658: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Null ptr in KGLTexMgr
- 0004645: [GPU] gpuForceRGBA switch is not considered in fast editor mode
- 0004657: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Null ptr in FastGPU draw pano
- 0004672: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Null ptr in KSparseFactory::Finalize(KSparse &)
- 0004689: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Null ptr in UIGroup::GetAllImages()
- 0004660: [Import plugins] Neutralhazer plugin crashes on Linux

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