[Autopano review] Digital Photography School rates 4.5/5 Kolor Autopano Giga panorama software

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Digital Photography School, a great website with simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras, has just published a review of Kolor’s panorama software Autopano Giga. We are proud to read that Autopano got a very good grade; 4.5/5.

Autopano Giga has been reviewed by Barry J Brady and used it to photograph landscape scenes, building exteriors and architectural photography. Barry J points up Autopano’s ease of use and efficiency: “I was pretty amazed at how quickly, and more importantly, accurately the software stitched scenes together that other pieces of software had not been able to.


Barry goes trough: the automatic detection of panoramas, the final rendering before concluding in these terms: “The perspective control of Autopano Giga is fantastic. For the most part, the final stitched images look correct and I almost never pick up an error on the stitch.


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