Panobook 2015: Vincent Favre, jury member #3

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Become the panoramic photographer of the year!

Kolor Panobook is the world’s biggest contest of panoramic photography leading to the publication of a beautiful hardcover book!

The entry period of Panobook 2015 photo contest ends in 7 days only (Interested readers have until 3 March 2015)! If you have not sent your panoramas yet, do it now.


Who is the jury member #3

Vincent_FavreThe team of Kolor is honored to welcome Vincent Favre as a jury member of the Kolor Panobook 2015 panoramic photography contest. Many thanks to him for having accepted to join the project. Who is Vincent?

“I learned to love nature and the great outdoors, when I was younger, hiking in the Alps with my father. I always travel, camera in hand, in search of magical moments to capture. Through my images, I want to show the beauty that nature has to offer. I hope to touch skeptics, and convince them to make an effort to respect our beautiful planet.”

Vincent Favre is a French photographer fascinated by the Nordic mountainous environment and ambiance, and specialises in landscape photography.

Regarding the contest: “Evaluate the work of other photographers is a difficult and subjective task. However, I will be sensitive to emotions that images convey. Panoramic photography requires a great ability to anticipate the balance of the composition after stitching, it is something that will certainly be crucial in order to gain genuine individuality and distinction.”

Vincent’s portfolio






Follow the contest step by step

Like the Facebook page of the Kolor Panobook and stay updated about the contest. Good luck to everyone! We look forward to seeing your amazing panoramic images!

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