Free 360 video player: Kolor Eyes Android and iOS version 2 – new on the Chrome web store!

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Kolor has just released a new version for the free 360 video player, Kolor Eyes, on mobile devices. This new version  offers a brand new fresh interface which allows you to browse trough Kolor 360 video website and view videos published by Kolor users around the world. The app is still 100% free and you can download this update to version 2 on Android and iOS. Kolor Eyes is also now available on a new platform: Chrome browser and OS!




Discover the Kolor 360 video wall

With this version you can see the latest public 360 video productions of our many users around the world. Simply tap on the video you want to see on the Kolor wall and there you go! You can change at any time from different projection modes and also switch to virtual reality mode: tap the goggle icon and the display will change in a way that you’ll be able to use your device with Kolor Eyes inside virtual reality headset such as the Google Cardboard or any other headset using a smartphone.


Kolor Eyes Hosting

The big news is that you can now log in to your Kolor Eyes hosting account to see your own videos. As a reminder, Kolor Eyes Hosting is our 360 video hosting service that is currently in beta stage. Please consult this page to learn more about it. Here’s how it works:




  • Log in to your account with your Kolor Eyes Hosting account username and password.
  • Access your videos and show them to your friends or customers without any limitation!





Play your videos offline

It is still possible to play your videos offline:

  • For iOS, synchronize your app with iTunes to access your locally stored videos.
  • Same thing for Android but with your content manager: create a new folder in the video directory called KolorEyes, put your video inside this file and you’ll be able to see it in KolorEyes.
  • Other option for Android and iOS, simply upload your videos to your web server (e.g Google drive) and paste the URL into KolorEyes.

Important information for iOS users

alert Kolor Eyes is currently not working on iPhone 6 and 6+. Please wait until version 2.0.1 which is coming soon to download the App if you have one of these two devices. However, users with previous iPhones that have updated to iOS 8 will run Kolor Eyes smoothly.
As soon as version 2.0.1 for iOS is available we will post it on this blog, stay tuned.

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