[Panotour Pro 2] Case study #14: Shopping mall | Michał Gąsowski photographer

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Here is the fourteenth post blog entitled “Case Study”. Through these case studies we want to:

  • Enhance and highlight the work of a photographer
  • Present the results obtained with our software solutions and present business fields where they can be applied
  • To put the photographer in touch with potentials customers

For this case study, Michał Gąsowski photographer uses virtual tour created with Panotour Pro 2 to show off Suwalki Plaza located in Poland.


Could you introduce yourself?

014_gansaHi, my name is Michał Gąsowski, I am 28 and live in Białystok, Poland. I am an alumnus of Kozminski University in Warsaw where I completed my Masters in Marketing and Strategic Management.

I am also a founder of, a company which offers an innovative approach for showcasing products, services and companies online.

What were your client’s expectations before the virtual tour was created? What did they think of the final result?

I’ve recently completed a project for Plaza Shopping Mall in Suwałki, Poland. The expectations of the customer were nothing unusal – it was the size of the building itself that made it really challenging. In particular, it was about the number of hotspots that needed to be added (around 50, most of them using Livepano) and the crowd that was unintentionally (… or intentionally) interrupting my shots.

The virtual tour contains several Livepano, an addon for Panotour Pro 2. To you, does this addon add value to the virtual tour?

Livepano turns a traditional picture into a living image. The real environment of the place comes true! Elements like escalators, elevators, cars and people are moving, you feel like in the shopping mall. The final effect is truly worth a try.



In short, what do you think of Panotour Pro 2?

I really like Panotour Pro 2 as it is really intuitive. It seems that the UI was designed so that users of other graphic software would find it very easy to use. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next release. Please keep in mind to add me as Beta Tester :).

What kind of equipment did you use to make this virtual tour?

Camera and lens Accessories Software
  • Nikon D7100
  • Fisheye Sigma 8mm
  • Nodal Ninja R10
  • Manfrotto 294A3-A0RC2 tripod

Do you have other projects you would like to share with us?

I am busy all the time – I literally don’t sleep! The easiest way to check out our projects is to visit my website and see what is going on. Virtual tours is not the only thing we’re great at. Check out our 360° panoramic images, shots made with flying drones, interior photography, webpages and e-stores. E-commerce from A to Z.

If our readers want to follow you, how can they do?


If you also want to present your work and appear on the Kolor blog for the “Case Study #15″, thank you to contact us by email or leave a comment. Kolor team


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