Video-stitching software: Autopano Video Pro 1.6.1 FINAL

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Kolor just launched a new version for the video stitching software Autopano video / Autopano video Pro. This update is free for all Autopano video users. This version 1.6.1 fixes several bugs, read the change low below for more information.


Download Autopano Video 1.6.1 Final

The change log

Main changes

We are introducing today a fix release for Autopano Pro / Giga engine.

Motion compensation slider has been added to be able to choose how computed motion must be used:

- fully (100%): all computed movement are compensated

- smoothly (between 0-100%): for stabilizing some locals movements and keeping main movement

- disable (0%): keep real rig movements

Fixes since 1.6.0:

- 0003666: [UI] slider for setting frequencies compensated by motion stabilization

- 0003651: [Algorithms] Black artifacts at frontiers with GPU rendering into AVP

- 0003662: [Algorithms] Black boxes in gpu rendering

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