Panorama software: Autopano Pro / Giga 3.6.1 FINAL

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The Kolor team has just released a new version for Autopano Pro and Autopano Giga our image stitching software. This update is free for all Autopano 3.x users and fixes several bugs. Read the change log below for further information.


Download Autopano 3.6.1 Final

Comments and change log

Main changes

We are introducing today a fix release for Autopano Pro / Giga engine.

Fixes since 3.6.0:

- 0003664: [Crash Dump] Null pointer when saving pano

- 0003659: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Access violation during graphcut

- 0003413: [Crash Dump] uncatched execption in preview rendering

- 0003645: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Division by 0 in KImageCached

- 0003643: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Uncaught exception in render preview thread

- 0003642: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Null pointer in PanoDefAlgo::GetAutoCrop

- 0003625: [Crash Dump] Add full gpu deactivation support

- 0003641: [Crash Dump] [Crash Dump] Division by 0 in UIRenderSettings

- 0003631: [UI behavior] Hardlinks lost when saving and re-opening a .pano

- 0001686: [Crash Dump] Crash when trying to report error to user


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