360 video: fly a paramotor in Peru

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Jean-Pierre Navarro, a French employee of Intel is a found of paramotor and new imaging technologies. During his recent trip to Chile and Peru, he brought with him a GoPro rig to shoot 360° videos. He went there with his association “Des ailes et des hommes” with two objectives: the first one help the local population as the association’s trips always have an humanitarian purpose and also enjoy the amazing scenery of these countries from the air.

Discover the Nazca Lines, a series of gigantic geoglyphs located in the Nazca desert in southern Peru, from above thanks to Jean-Pierre and his team:

To do so, he used a paramotor which is basically a paraglider with a propeller engine. This vehicle has the advantage to be really light, it has an autonomy of 2 to 3 hours and also allows to take off and land on limited spaces while being environmentally friendly.

Jean-Pierre and his team spent almost 17 hours in the air during this trip and enjoyed a lot the landscape of Chile and Peru. They will keep a lifelong memory of what they saw there but they also wanted to share their experience with everybody. That’s why they used a Freedom 360 rig with 6 GoPro cameras to shoot in-flight 360° videos. Once back to France, they used Autopano Video Pro to stitch the GoPro cameras video streams together to create full sphere 360 videos. The result: videos playable in Kolor Eyes, our 360 videos and pictures player, where the viewer can choose his point of view and, even better, that can be displayed in a virtual reality headset such as the Oculus rift.


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