Rwanda: a scene from the genocide by Martin Edström published in The Guardian

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The Guardian, British national daily newspaper has just published a virtual tour in remembrance of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda where, 20 years ago, close to a million people were massacred.

Thanks to photojournalist Martin Edström, he presents a panoramic tour of Nyamata church. Now the place serves as a memorial to the genocide. Visit the site of one of the worst massacres during the Rwanda Genocide – and get a macabre reminder of what happens when the international community turns its back on an ongoing conflict.


Martin, Can you explain the project Nyamata 360?

I did several normal reportages from the church at Nyamata in Rwanda, but I felt that still photos could not really convey the feeling of the place. I think no person could visit the church without being extremely touched by it’s sinister message – no one could leave the church without being touched. But how do I tell that story through still images and text? How do I convey that feeling? It is extremely hard, and that’s why an interactive reportage with 360 images comes much closer to the story. People can look around and be touched – almost as if they were there themselves.

Through this project, what kind of message do you want to transmit?

Of course, the message is that if conflicts aren’t managed – they can lead to genocide and other atrocities against our fellow human beings. With the many conflicts raging right now, in Syria and elsewhere, this is a message we always need to keep in mind.

What kind of quipment did you use to make this virtual tour?

I used a DLSR, GigaPan tripod head, Nodal Ninja tripod head, tripod and of course several softwares including Autopano and Panotour.

You made Zaatari 360, Nyamata 360. Will you be involded in other 360 projects?

I will definitely! I am talking to editors about more projects right now, and I will be working on several throughout the summer. I think 360-reportages will become 100% of my work very soon, as I can see it engages the audience in a very new and exciting way. And it is extremely fun to work with that kind of engaging storytelling!

More about Martin


Martin Edström is spearheading the field of immersive journalism and photography, dedicated to tell important stories in compelling ways. “The world is too complex, and the internet too flexible, to justify telling stories with just columns of text and still images.” Martin works with innovative storytelling tools, among them the 360° reportage. He has always worked with classic still photography and written journalism, and still do. Martins main subjects include human rights and environmental protection, sustainability in developing countries, natural and cultural heritage. Have a look at other projects led by Martin: Zaatari 360 and Saving Mount Everest.

Thank you Martin for sharing. 

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