Free 360° video player: Kolor Eyes Desktop 1.2 beta 2

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Kolor has just released the beta 2 for Kolor Eyes Desktop 1.2. Kolor Eyes Desktop is Kolor’s free 360° videos (and now images) player. Indeed, you can now play 360° pictures in Kolor Eyes Desktop and you can also create playlists. Simply drag and drop multiple files into the player and your images and videos will be displayed one after another.

This new version 1.2 comes with a new video backend: it uses VLC so it can play now all the common formats of videos, 360° videos or not. Read the change log below for further information.




The change log: Kolor Eyes Desktop 1.2 Beta 2

Major feature

This new version of Kolor Eyes comes with a new video backend : VLC. This will resolve a lot of issues with video decoding and you should be able to play any video! VLC on Mac also supports video hardware decoding: this gives amazing performances.

Other features

We added UDP communication in order to allow others apps or other Kolor Eyes instances to share informations with a master Kolor Eyes instance.

It is now possible to read still images in Kolor Eyes Desktop, so you can easily view 360 pictures. Very large photos (like gigapixel images) will be downsized to a reasonable size, so you will have a preview that loads quickly.

The fisheye projection is now available, useful for dome projection.

Drag and drop multiple files to create a playlist. Video and image files can be dragged together and so they are in the same playlist.

Changelog compared to 1.2.0 beta 1 :

- 0003441: [UI] Play a dragged list of files.

- 0003561: [UI] Sometimes mouse cursor disappears when there is a popup.

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