Panotour Viewer: watch and share your tours offline

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Kolor just released a brand new virtual tour player: Panotour Viewer. This software, still in open beta stage, allows you to display your virtual tours created with Panotour and Panotour Pro on any computer with Panotour viewer installed on it. You don’t need an internet connection anymore to show your favorite creations to your customers and friends.

To do so, you’ll need the latest version of Panotour / Panotour Pro the 2.2 which allows you to export your tours in .PTV format. This single .PTV file contains your whole tour and you just need to drag and drop it in Panotour viewer to display your tour on your favorite internet browser. It is free and easy to use, there is no need to host your tour anymore.


Panotour viewer is available on computers for Windows and MacOS. IOS and Android versions for tablets and smartphones will be released soon, stay tuned!
Visit the free Kolor documentation center to learn more about Panotour viewer and our other solutions.

  • Updated on the 4th of July: Panotour viewer beta 2 is now available. It fixes the bug which prevented the installation on Windows. The link below lead to the latest version of Panotour viewer.



  • Jo | Jul 4, 2014 at 5 h 12 min

    I am not sure with the meaning of the statement “you just need to drag and drop it in Panotour viewer to display your tour on your favorite internet browser.”
    Can panotour viewer also help to embed and view the virtual tour online easily ?
    And do you have the video tutorial how to use it ?


    • Clément Strippoli | Jul 4, 2014 at 15 h 49 min

      Basicaly, Ptv is not a viewer it only uncompress the .PTV file and opens it on your browser (internet explorer, mozilla, safari etc) but you don’t need to be connected to the internet to see the tour! We don’t have a video tutorial but it is really easy to use just check this page.

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