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Kolor is pleased to publish online the thirteenth post blog entitled “Case Study”. Its purpose is various:

  • Enhance and highlight the work of a photographer
  • Present the results obtained with our software solutions and present business field where they can be applied
  • To put the photographer in touch with potentials customers

For this case study, Christoph Simon photographer uses the virtual tour and Panotour Pro 2 to enhance mountaineering in Switzerland.


Could you introduce yourself?

I’m Christoph Simon from Germany. Several years ago I started exploring the possibilities of panoramic photography and recently I decided to take the plunge by becoming professional photographer. I am fascinated by the vast potential of panoramic photography…

Caspar_David_Friedrich_-_Der_Wanderer_über_dem_NebelmeerI frequently visit Saxon Switzerland. This small but beautiful area offers countless hiking trails and climbing peaks. For instance, the painter Caspar David Friedrich were attracted by the beauties of this landscape. He found inspiration for many wonderful paintings like the famous “Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer” (Wanderer above the sea of fog).

I always have this painting in mind whenever I come to Saxon Switzerland. I try to find interesting places and sceneries that might show the best moments of nature´s life. Once a nice spot found, I just set up my equipment, sit down and wait for the sunrise.

What were expectations of your client before the virtual tour was made? How did he find the final result?

I made this virtual tour for BIWAK, a German outdoor TV channel. Last year they showcased on their website a portfolio of my panoramas. The following month, the number of visitors increased far beyond expectations. Due to this success the channel decided to showcase another portfolio of my panoramas. However, instead of displaying ordinary 360° panoramas I decided to introduce the beauty of the landscape from a different point of view through a virtual tour. Until now, the feedback is very good.

We notice that you have customized many things. Can you tell us more about that?

The possibilities of Panotour Pro 2 are very powerful. I just had to make little changes in the code. I added a logo in the description box, provided an interactive Bing map and changed the menu of panoramas into German language. A variety of information (Video, text, images and so on) is available through customized hotspots.


In short, what do you think of Panotour Pro 2.0?

It was the first virtual tour created with Panotour Pro 2 and to be honest, I have been impressed by its ease of use. You can obtain awesome results without being a programmer. I really enjoyed working with this application and I am sure I will use it for other projects.

What kind of equipment did you use to make this virtual tour?

Camera and lens Accessories Software
  • Panasonic GH3
  • Leica, Olympus and Samyang lenses
  • Bushman Panoramic Gobi
  • Berlebach tripod
  • Traitement des RAW : Lightroom
  • Traitement HDR : Photmatix Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop CS 6
  • Assemblage d’images : PtGui Pro
  • Visite virtuelle : Panotour Pro 2.0

Do you have other projects you would like to share with us?

A couple of month ago, I made a panorama using a pole. The “Night of Silence“, a silent remembrance of the destruction of Dresden during World War 2. I recommend to turn on sound while watching it. I’m also interested in cliffhanger panoramas such as the church St Aegidien. Currently I am working on a virtual tour that will show the interior of the world’s most important Baroque organ – the Great Silbermann organ in the cathedral of Freiberg. This project is a very interesting subject and a photographic challenge too. Indeed, due to the very little space inside the Church organ it will be difficult to set up my equipment.

If our readers want to follow you, how can they do?


If you also want to present your work and appear on the Kolor blog for the “Case Study #14″, thank you to contact us by email or leave a comment. Kolor team


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