Video-stitching software: Autopano Video Pro 1.6 RC1

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Kolor just launched a new release candidate for the video stitching software Autopano video / Autopano video Pro. This update is free for all Autopano video users. This new version allows to render over max panorama size.


Download Autopano Video 1.6 RC1

The change log

Main changes

This new release candidate introduces Autopano Engine v3.6.

Miscellanous improvements

  • With video stitching, it can happen that the maximum size of panorama is nearly 4K, but not really 4K just because of some pixels. Many users expressed the need to be able to render a bit over the maximum size allowed by the input source files. We unlocked that limit to be able to do so.WARNING: APP/APG 3.6 RC1 is needed


The release candidate phase should be really short. All the team is already working on next version 2.0.

Fixes since 1.6 beta 1 stable:

- 0003557: [I/O] crash on ouput frames when directory does not exist

- 0003558: [UI] Add the possibility to render over max panorama size.

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