5 good reasons to upgrade from Panotour Pro 1.x to Panotour Pro 2.1

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Kolor found five very good reasons to upgrade your license and take advantage of the great new features of Panotour Pro version 2.

1 – Compatible HTML5

Everybody wants virtual tours to run well on any device. Panotour Pro 2.0 offers the ability to display your tours everywhere: computers, tablets, smartphones.

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2 – Thanks to version 2, find new business opportunities

  • Underwater virtual tour conducted by Christoph Gerigk


  • Fashion show by Terry Gates

3 – Compatible with Ricoh Theta

Kolor is proud to launch a revolutionary 360 bundle to easily build virtual tours. This solution “One Click VR“, good value for money, presents three main advantages:

  • Simple. Four steps are needed to build a complete virtual tour. Place the Ricoh Theta on its ultra light carbon monopod, shoot remotely with your smartphone or tablet, drag and drop your images to Panotour & generate your virtual tour!
  • Quick. You only need a few minutes to create your virtual tour.
  • Professional. The internal software of the Ricoh Theta makes the image stitching by itself and provide you with 360 degree pictures that you can directly open in Krpano and create virtual tours with Panotour. The result is optimal.
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4 – With version 2.1, loading a project is now incredibly fast

Panotour and Panotour Pro 2.1 final version brings several improvements including one regarding the loading time of projects. When you save a project Panotour now saves 2 files:

  • A “.kpt” file, like before, containing all the source datas of the project and all its parameters.
  • A new “cache” file. This new file contains some optional datas used during the loading of a project and during the build of a tour.

The result: opening a previously saved project is incredibly faster.

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5 – Livepano addon for Panotour Pro 2

With Livepano, merge videos with the still photographic content of your virtual tours to integrate, for instance a restaurant owner greeting his customers, a sales representative speaking about his products. This addon is only available for Panotour Pro version 2.



Panotour Pro is the reference software application for Windows, Mac & Linux to create interactive 360-degree virtual tours. You can create incredible virtual tours with no need of programming skills.

I think this is the best software to make virtual tours, because it is very simple to use and you can build a really big tour in a record time. Furthermore, there is an abundance of features to make a virtual tour much more interactive.

I think Panotour Pro version 2 presents the future of  next generation virtual tours. This version is focused on content and may also help people who are not familiar with code. To me, it is the masterpiece. You can also upgrade your old virtual tours.

Panotour Pro allows you to create 360-reportages. An immersive experiences through which the reader and viewer can experience journalism in a new way. The 360-reportage makes a story interactive. It’s possible for the reader to walk through the story, and feel like they were there themselves.

How to upgrade

All existing Panotour users can benefit from Kolor’s Update and Upgrade Policy and get a rebate on their upgrade, depending on the date of purchase.

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