Free 360° video player: Kolor Eyes Desktop 1.2 beta 1 with fisheye projection support

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Kolor Eyes Desktop - free 360° video player


LAS VEGAS, May 28, 2014 — Kolor has just released version 1.2 beta of the free 360° video player Kolor Eyes Desktop, compatible with Windows and Mac, during the annual IVRPA conference.

This version introduces several enhancements:

  • New decoding engine 
based on VLC 2.2
  • External 3D audio engine support
  • Fisheye projection for dome projection
  • Ready for streaming
  • Synced views: watch a video on a screen with a given projection (example: Oculus view) and duplicate it on another screen showing another projection (example: standard or little planet view).

Synced views in Kolor Eyes Desktop:


[iframe width="615" height="376" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

The fisheye projection for domes:

Kolor Eyes 360 video player: fisheye projection for domes



Download Kolor Eyes Desktop 1.2 beta 1



The change log

Major feature

This new version of Kolor Eyes comes with a new video backend : VLC. This will resolve a lot of issues with video decoding and you should be able to play any video! VLC on Mac also supports video hardware decoding: this gives amazing performances.

Other features

We added UDP communication in order to allow others apps or other Kolor Eyes instances to share informations with a master Kolor Eyes instance.

It is now possible to read still images in Kolor Eyes Desktop, so you can easily view 360 pictures. Very large photos (like gigapixel images) will be downsized to a reasonable size, so you will have a preview that loads quickly.

The fisheye projection is now available, useful for dome projection.

Changelog compared to 1.1.0 final :

- 0003296: [API] Integrate lib VLC on Windows, Mac.

- 0003374: [API] Read image files.

- 0003439: [API] UDP communication.

- 0003532: [UI] Popup to open file or stream.

- 0003497: [UI] A shortcut to hide any UI.

- 0003531: [UI] Integrate quick controls.

- 0003530: [UI] Hide mouse cursor when watching video.

- 0003529: [UI] About Third Party.

- 0003432: [UI] Fisheye projection support.

- 0003500: [API] UDP master/slave cross platform URL.

- 0003501: [API] UDP messages do not consider Oculus orientation.

- 0003499: [UI] Fisheye projection is the mirror ball, not fisheye.

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