Panobook 2014: Interview with Ivan Pedretti, Kolor Best Panoramic Photographer of the Year

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The results of the panoramic photography contest Kolor Panobook 2014 has been announced yesterday. Ivan Pedretti won the title of Kolor Best Panoramic Photographer of the Year. We would be glad to get to know him a little more.


Ivan, you won the prize of the best panoramic photographer of the year, congratulation! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Ivan-pedrettiI’m Ivan Pedretti, class 1971, living in Sardinia (Italy). My passion about photography started since my youth with an analogic Canon. In 2010, I got a reflex DSLR camera and wanted to explore the natural world. I am keen to explore the wilderness throughout south Sardinia, to go hiking in the wilderness, to look for wildlife and breathtaking scenery of my land. I’m specialized in panoramic, landscape and night photography.

What drew you to panoramic photography versus other forms of photography?

Two years ago, I saw during the night a panoramic view of the milky way over the alps… I felt in love with this format suchas panoramic nightscape. I am trying to get the better result and I am always experimenting new technics especially to get the best image stitching.

What are you trying to achieve with your panoramic photography? What would you like people to think or feel as they view your panoramas?

I would like to show the beauty of nature and our world through the night.

What motivated you to take part in the Panobook 2014 contest?

The contest is the best contest for this kind of photography’s format.

What does this victory mean to you?

This first place gives me some satisfaction regarding my work and confirm me that I am in the right path.

What inspired you when you took the shot?

The location has something special thus the composition of the image makes it unique.

Do you use any specific hardware and software to shoot panoramas?

I use a Canon 500D, Tokina 11-16 2.8, a panoramic head home-made.

Do you have other projects you would like to share with us? What are your future plans in panoramic photography?

I want to find new places in Sardinia and want to shoot other panoramic nightscapes.

If you were asked to give a new photographer some advice about the world of landscape photography and shooting panoramas, what would that be?

Try a lot and do not give up. You may encounter many difficulties to get the best result, hoewever try with another lens, another software, until you find your best workflow.

Many thanks Ivan. Once again, congratulations for “Starry Lighthouse”.

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