Spiegel Online publishes an interactive documentary about a refugee camp in Ethiopia created with Kolor solutions

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Melkadida is the largest refugee camp in the region of Dollo Ado, a desert region in Ethiopia close to the border with Somalia. It shelters more than 40.000 refugees from Somalia who had to escape their home country due to war, uncertainty, drought or loss of their livelihood.

Shelters and resources are provided by the Ethiopian government’s Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA), the UN and countless national and international NGO’s funded by public and private donors. Despite this help, the living conditions in Melkadida and the other camps of the Dollo Ado region are really harsh as thousands of persons, mostly children, are surviving without real prospects for the future.

Johannes Korge, journalist at SPIEGEL ONLINE, one of the most influential weekly newspaper in Germany, and Jürgen Schrader, renowned panoramist photographer and president of the IVRPA, decided to show the world how men, women and children were living in this camp.


To do so, they have chosen to combine videos, pictures and virtual tours to create an immersive and informational experience about Melkadida camp. This multimedia experience has been created with Kolor Panotour Pro and specific developments.

Discover the Melkadida camp interactive experience here.

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