Kolor Panotour 2.1: Loading a project is now incredibly fast

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As already announced, a new RC for Panotour et Panotour Pro, our virtual tour software, has been released.
Panotour and Panotour Pro 2.1 final version will be available soon for free for all Panotour 2.0 users. This update brings several improvements including one regarding the loading time of projects.

When you save a project Panotour now saves 2 files:

  • A “.kpt” file, like before, containing all the source datas of the project and all its parameters.
  • A new “cache” file. This new file contains some optional datas used during the loading of a project and during the build of a tour.

The result: opening a previously saved project is incredibly faster as you can see in this video:

[iframe width="615" height="376" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Pq9xauVnBgA?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

Another example, opening the project of the Lac du Bourget tour which contains 23 panoramas including 3 gigapixels took 22 minutes with version 2.0. With version 2.1 it takes only 12 seconds which means the opening is 100 time faster!
You can find this new version here.

The launching of Panotour et Panotour Pro 2.1 final will be announced on Kolor blog, our Facebook page and Twitter account, connect with them to get the latest information about Kolor.

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