Diving in the Fountain of Vaucluse: an underwater virtual tour conducted by Christoph Gerigk

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Christoph Gerigk, a photographer specialized in sub-aquatic photography, just released a virtual tour of the Fountain of Vaucluse created with Kolor Panotour Pro.

The Fountain of Vaucluse is a deep underground chamber filled with water located in the Vaucluse department near the city of Avignon in the South-East of France.
The first exploration of Fountain of Vaucluse took place in the late XIXth century and the chasm has been a source of fascination for divers and speleologists ever since. Since then, many explorations have been undertaken by renowned explorers such as Jacques-Yves Cousteau or Frédéric Dumas but the site has not revealed all its secrets yet. Indeed, not only the Fountain of Vaucluse has an obvious geological interest, but it also shelters precious Gallo-Roman vestiges.
Until now, no diver has ever touched the bottom of the chasm.



During the last exploration, Christoph Gerigk produced an underwater virtual tour of this mythical place. This exploration has been the subject of a famous French TV show Des Racines & Des Ailes produced by french public TV.


This virtual tour is part of a global cross-media approach where everybody can take part in the exploration after seeing the documentary on TV. Created with Panotour Pro, this virtual tour offers an immersive underwater experience in a fantastic setting.

The virtual tour of Fountain of Vaucluse is available online here.

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