Free update: video-stitching software Autopano Video Pro 1.5 (release)

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Kolor launches today the final release of Autopano Video / Autopano Video Pro 1.5. You need to use the latest version of Autopano Pro / Autopano Giga 3.5 with this version of Autopano Video.

This update is free for all users.

Video: Discover autopano video / autopano video pro version 1.5

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Comments and change log

Today, we can present you the stable version of Autopano Video 1.5 serie. It is a huge improvement over Autopano Video 1.1 software range with the introduction of a real timeline with interpolation, an anti-shake algorithm for 360 videos, an easy to understand rendering dialog box and severals improvements everywhere.

Global presentation

You can learn about all new features in Autopano Video documentation available here. Global documentation:


This version is really stable and can be used in production. We are waiting for some translation to get finished and there will be some updates with translation included.

Now, we are working on technologies for version 1.6 which is about a new version of the anti-shake algorithm.

Fixes since 1.5.0 RC1:

- 0003391: [I/O] If batch queue is not empty, prompt when closing

- 0002922: [Algorithms] minimise animation updates

- 0003393: [Algorithms] Max size changing

- 0003392: [Algorithms] Fisheye rendering, kicks to CPU

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