Kolor enhances its technical support to better answer user questions and share technical cases with the community

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Kolor announces a new strategy for its technical support to provide users with more technical content and faster answers, and to let the community benefit from the technical cases.

More free tutorials & understandable user manuals

We’ve already begun to provide many more tutorials to cover most of the technical questions users may have. They can be either text + images tutorials or video tutorials (example: Autopano Video tutorials).

These tutorials are much appreciated by our users and offer free content to anyone wanting to learn how to use the basics, and also the more complex parts of the software. We’ll therefore continue to produce them.

The user manuals of Kolor software applications provide comprehensive data on each feature, but can sometimes be hardly understandable by the users. Our latest user manuals, like the user manual of Panotour Pro 2 have been written with an effort to provide understandable content with a mixture of text, images and videos. The upcoming user manuals will follow this new model.

Forum-based technical support with 2 dedicated staff members

Our users used to have the choice between sending us direct e-mails to request technical support or posting a topic on the forum to request community-based support. We believe the forum is the right place for technical support because the resolved cases can be useful to the whole community. All the cases that we’ve resolved by e-mail are “wasted” whereas they could have been used to enrich the knowledge of the community. We are consequently now ending the e-mail support and switching to a fully forum-based support. As we’re aware that the forum activity will increase, two of our staff members, Guillaume and Annis, who used to answer technical cases by e-mail, will now contribute to the forum and help the community resolve the cases. Kolor developers will also continue to follow the forum.

Taking our clients’ suggestions into account

A new forum, called Documentation, has been created to let you suggest ideas to enhance the documentation or ideas of tutorial subjects. You can also contribute to the documentation, from suggesting content that you find interesting, to offering your own images to be used or even help writing the content.

Social networks

Some of our users send us questions through social networks (mainly Facebook and Twitter). Answering small questions there is OK, but if you’re expecting an in-depth answer to your case, consider using the forum ( instead. On the forum, you’ll be able to share your images and screenshots to get better answers.

Questions requesting the access to your personal data

Of course, if you have questions that need the access of your client account (registration key of your software, lost password), contact us directly through the “Pre-sale and Orders” contact form.

Expertise for big projects

If you have a very tricky case that needs the expertise of Kolor engineers or if you can’t share your case in the forum, our team remains at your disposal to help you. Please fill in the contact form in the Technical Help tab to request a quote for your project’s dedicated support.

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